Saturday, December 16, 2006

Throwing Muses

When I was little, the baseball card that I remember getting the most was that of relief pitcher Bill Caudill. It was almost a joke between my dad and I. We'd buy a pack, knowing there was probably a Caudill inside. (I called the dude Bill "ka-DILL.") I just found out that Caudill's was the very first multi-million dollar contract of...

Is it possible Scott got the Topps company to produce more of Caudill's cards than any other? Something to think about...

The Red Sox got the wired, former scab Brendan Donnelly and lefty J.C. Romero to bolster the 'pen. Both these guys were basically really good until last year. If either one recaptures the magic, I'll be happy. The player photo for Donnelly is up at, and when I saw it, I thought there was some mistake. Turns out I'd just never seen him without those Chris Sabo/Kurt Rambis/Eric Dickerson goggles.

J.C. adds to our new collection of J._. people. I'll have to do what I did last offseason after the Blue Jays started acquiring _.J. players. (J.K. Rowlings comes immediately to mind. And J.J. Evans will be fought over by both squads. Too bad J.T. Snow is gone.)

Phil Seibel was traded for Donnelly. Check out this weird quote by Theo about Phil:

He kind of had unusually close relationships with a lot of people in the front office and the player development staff.

What does he mean by that? Would he perform DNA testing on them as a hobby? "Mr. Lucchino, is there any way--and I know I've asked you this time and again--but, could you take a sip out of this glass? And then give it right back to me? Thanks. Oh, and if you're gonna spew [pulls out tiny, crumpled paper cup], spew into this..."

Big protest march here in NYC Saturday, against the cops, for shooting 50 shots at unarmed men. Should be a huge turnout. I like how it's going right through midtown on a big tourist-shoppy day.

I heard that the unarmed man was wearing a Bo Sox cap though...maybe the pro test has to do with not enough shots being fired then!


Your humour leaves much to be desired, as a tragedy has occurred;

You sound like a Puke-barf "Bleacher Cretin", who would have trouble spelling "Suck" without "Hooked On Phonics";

Requiscant In Pace, Sean Bell;

Kyrie Elaison On those Members of The NYPD, involved.

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