Monday, December 04, 2006


One of our clients here at work screens their calls. You know how I know? Because they admit it, right on their old-school answering message! You call, and a voice says, "We may be able to take your call right now, or, this machine allows for a message of up to one minute." Why don't they just come out and say it: We are able to take your call, we just might not want to..."

A note on the term "client": I always thought it was weird how, at Brian's job, they call the people they help "clients," (or worse, "consumers,"--yowch) even though they're not business-types in suits at a desk in an office, they're mentally challenged people who need help in their homes. I just never think of a "client" as someone whose vomit you clean up (or insert other funny bodily function of your choice). Now, at my job, it's a somewhat similar situation, only we help a different "population." (another weird word--can you use this for anything? The "people whose favorite number is 19" population? The "three-legged dog" population?) but we call our people "clients," too. Not a big fan.

A note on the Tostitos logo. Chan, whose Florida Gators will play for the national title, against my friend Jim's Ohio State Buckeyes, in a battle of two of my Yankee-fan friends who went to different schools, after edging out yet another Yankee fan-friend Mike's Michigan team to get there, has pointed out that the two middle "T"s in the Tostitos logo are actually people fighting over (sharing? co-dipping?) a chip, with a bowl of salsa in between them, one which dots the "I" in the logo. Thanks for that info, Chan.

I have all kinds of synonyms for my "clients."
Client is a unique word. The plural is clients. But then the word for the specific clients of a person or business is clientele. Does that work anywhere else? Follower, followers, followele; fan, fans, fanele; member, members, memberele; groupie, groupies, groupiele. So Jere, can you do something with that?
Obviously, I'd better go back to work.
WC: Ha.

Mom: No other "ele"s come to mind.

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