Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein Is Dead

Hanged at dawn. He got off easy.

Hey, where's that bin Laden guy?

[Update: From We Move to Canada. That about sums it up for me.]

He demanded, but was turned down, a firing squad. It seems that the ugly peasentlike common criminal way to die is by hanging, and the more noble way is to die instantly, which was not the case for his too many victims. The world is a better place, and when we hear it said that deaths come in threes, well, there's JB, President Ford, and very lastly, the butcher from Iraq. Have a wonderful and healthy New Years!!!!
I don't think the world is a better place than it was yesterday. I think NOT killing people would make the world a better place. We should learn from people like Saddam that it's bad to kill. Instead, we kill some more.
Was executing Saddam Hussein supposed to win the Iraqis back? The Americans? Difficult to find in this country, but from the foreign accounts I've read (including a soldier in Iraq), the whole trial was well-known to have been stage managed by the US to ensure the verdict they wanted. Shuffling Hussein off to die so quickly, in my opinion, is only likely to raise hackles and violence...
A human being's purposeful death at the hands of an executioner can never make the world a better place.

One former dictator's death does nothing to advance democracy or justice in the world - especially when a much more powerful unelected leader and his junta control the most powerful arsenal in the world.

Thanks for the link, Jere.
Almost as if Iraq is Texas!

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