Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Roll Over, Liberty

Gerald Ford is dead. He was president when I was born. And now the second prez of my lifetime, out of six, to die. To me, Ford will always be...well, Chevy Chase, to be honest.

It's weird how all my presidents relate to things in my life: Gerald Ford--named Gerry. Jimmy Carter--same name as my neighbor, Carter G, while he was in office. Ronald Reagan--I grew up steps from Regan Road. Bush--we had bushes in front of our house, as did Reagan Road. Clinton--we used to play mini-golf in Clinton, CT, when on vacation in Old Saybrook. Bush II--we cut down those original bushes and replaces them with smaller ones. According to this theory, the next president may well be named "Tire Playground."

"Say, Homer, do you like football?"

George looks mad that Gerry didn't give him one of his "WIN" buttons to help fight inflation.

When I was a very little kid, there was a period when ex-presidents were dropping like flies...Eisenhower, Truman and Johnson all died from '69-'73, with Harry and LBJ dying within a couple weeks of each other. I still remember playing with Christmas toys while watching the funeral motorcades for those two.
"Gerald Ford, dead today at the age of 93, after being viciously mauled by wolves, and I'm gay...oh c'mon now, I'm not gay!" -Tom Brokaw (aka Dana Carvey

My favorite Gerald Ford moment...
Golfers worldwide are so happy, but we have to remember that he inherited a confused and impatient nation. Confused because of the Watergate fiasco.Impatient because of Viet Nam, which makes the same lack of sense as Iraq does now. You'de think George wold learn SOMETHING from history. Guess not, as the death toll tragically rises. And rises.
Sorry for the spelling...I'm getting used to Firefox, which seems great. I wish I knew how to make it default to my homescreen (Yahoo DSL)...and help?

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