Friday, December 15, 2006

Quinn Early

Red Sox blogger Mighty Quinn, aka Brooklyn Sox Fan, has been doing some great stuff lately over at MQ's Media Machine. First of all, terrible job by me for not paying attention and missing the Spaceman, Bill Lee, hanging out with Quinn and the rest of the gang down at Professor Thom's here in NYC. It sounded like a great time. Had I known, I'd have at least had the chance to pan on going before chickening out. I wouldn't know what to say to a hero of mine like Bill Lee. I'd probably have to say something like, "Can you just talk for a while, and I'll just listen?" (He'd probably be fine with that.) They also showed his movie, which, terribly, I still haven't seen. I have read a few of his books, though. Quinn got a nice "Earth" signing from the former should have been number 337 upside-down. (Besides Gedman, Lee is another person I monitor on eBay, and he commonly writes "Earth" or "Sapceman" or even "Yankees Suck" when signing autographs.)

Back to Quinn, though, he's also been writing this freakin' thesis about his time working at the soon-to-be-dust Tower Records. Check that out, too.

But the most impressive thing Quinn's done lately is to appear on the news--in 1985! He's got a link to a YouTube video of a story by Lloyd Lindsay "Helloooo" Young, former weatherman and reporter for New York's home of the 80s Mets, channel 9. The story's about Howard Stern, and is from '85. And when they went to ask random people about Howard, who did they ask? Quinn! He's gets two little snippets in the story. Awesome. I don't know what's cooler, that I know personally someone who appeared in a random news story from 1985, or that someone I know has the footage of himself on the news in 1985. Is that the same thing? Well, I guess it's a tie, then.

Go over to MQ's Media Machine now and just scroll around.

Jere, I tried to find the utube link for the Howard/Quinn snippets, but to no avail. Help?!
Maybe, Quinn will replace Mc Carver on "FOX Saturday Baseball":

He knows more than Tim.

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