Thursday, December 28, 2006

Proofreaders Wanted

This article, besides being a rehash of one from a year ago, asks the question
Will Daisuke Matsuzaka be on the mound for the Red Sox on April 8, when his team welcomes fellow Japanese megastar Ichiro Suzuki and the Seattle Mariners to Fenway Park for the home opener?
Answer: No. He'll be in Texas where the Red Sox will be playing the Rangers. The Sox home opener is on April 10th. (Unless they already know the 8th will be the ESPN game, and Dice will be pitching that night, and the writer was thinking of that. For that to happen, he'd have to pitch Opening Day in KC. Unlikely, but if it does happen, we know this was all planned ahead of time. In this case, I'll guess it was just a misprint, but still, terrible job on that.)

Looks like Zito will go to the Giants and Foulke to the Indians. Nothing official yet, though.

Wait a minute, that can't be right. Zito can't possibly be signing with the Giants. I have it on good authority that he's part of the Yankees' pitching depth.
Ha! And please note that on November 15th AND 29th, the slug in question, middle relief, stated, and I quote:

"Barry Zito is a Met."

That dude's blog is a huge bowl o' wrong.

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