Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pretty Sneaky, Sis

They just put a bunch of September games on sale. Looks like I got in before the rush and needless to say I'll be at Fenway a lot on that final weekend. Nice variety, too. Some section 32 action (underrated); way upper bleacher below scoreboard; and 10 rows up in dead center. Gold. Got through on first try on phone, took a few minutes of repeatedly hitting "continue" on web. (Got some tix in each way this time.) I also noticed you can now get up to 8 tix for each game, which lots of people will like, I'm sure. Remember those days? "Oh, yeah, you can all come. I'll get enough tickets for everyone!"

And you are invited for my ONE game this coming season...the seats are TBD (to be determined), and it will just be me, my guest, you, and someone of your choice. OK? And the seats will be good.........if i only go to one game, they have to be!
Thought that it was a little weird that they put those end-of-season tickets on sale now - they've never done that before. My guess has to be that they waited too long to release some blocks last year and didn't sell them because of the collapse at the end.

Either they are trying to cover their butts and ensure a sell out season or there's less demand from buyers for those September tickets because of the collapse last year.

I'm holding off for the big single ticket day, the lotteries, and the Green Monster call-in day.
I don't know about that. I'm pretty sure in at least one of these recent years, they did "April, May and September" on the early sale. Then this year they only did April/May, and then, in "pre-planned encore" style, they threw out the Septembers later. Maybe they wanted to make sure the interest was still at insane levels before putting Sep on sale. Or maybe they just wanted to see what level it was at before releasing the Seps.

I don't think anything this or last year has to do with the end of last season. But I will say that the internet scalper sites have tickets cheaper for the very last game than for any other--but that may be because we now know that on the last day they open up all seats to everyone if the team is out of it (and it's really rainy...I guess.)
It's weird, though. All these hours later you can still get EIGHT seats together in row 50 of the bleachers for September 10th.
The Friday/Saturday/Sunday Sox Pax both have 2 September games, 1 April, and 1 May. This is the third year in a row I've bought this pack, and I can't ever remember two September games in the pack. I really think they're selling the September games as damaged goods (especially that Twins series).

I looked at last year's email - only April and May went on sale in December.
I have no idea about dates of Sox Pax, since I've never gotten one until this year. (Note: My ten game plan, since they started in '04, has always had 3 April and 3 Sept, and 1 each other month.)

And you're right about last year, but something in my head is telling me that Sept games st one point went hand in hand with the April and May games. I don't remember exactly when that was. Maybe I did make it up, but it seems real.
There were 2 Sept games in the very first Sox Pack:

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