Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pictures Of Squirrels And Stuff

At The Ramble in Central Park. I got a new camera. Holy crap, these come out huge. Click to make way too big.

This squirrel was either posing or using its tail as a coat. Click to turn it into a giant squirrel. I'll have to figure out how to make them fit a regulation computer screen.

A different angle of the same squirrel.

We didn't see the bald eagle today. However, we eventually came across some people hanging around a telescope. We realized it was pointing at...the home of Pale Male. I decided they were probably focused on this building, and snapped a shot of it. When I got home and zoomed in, there he was. He's at the top of the ladder. Weird.

Now there's a camera!
Can't wait for the Fenway shots.
(Wonder if Pale Male's wife is sitting on eggs.)
"Objects on the computer screen are larger than they appear!" Great pics.
Nice pics. That is one big fat squirrel. The squirrels in central park must eat well
Thanks, everybody. And thanks, mom, I mean Santa, for that sweet camera!

The great thing about NYC squirrels is that they don't run from you. So you can get sweet shots like these. I'll never forget the time (actually in Boston) when I saw a squirrel eating an ice cream cone (just the cone) just like a human would, holding it upright. And I didn't have a camera.
I forgot to ask you Jere, what kind of camera did you get, and how do you like it so far? My wife and I are in the market for a new digital; mine is four years old, and a little banged up, although it got the job done for me in Argentina.

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