Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pettitte's A Day Older

This is one of those times where every Red Sox blog you read talks about how they're waiting to buy tickets, and then they think they're the first person to use the phrase "virtual waiting room hell."

I'm going for a Sox Pack, which has four games including a Giants game. The Sox Pax are my nemesis. I've never been able to get one. (I've already got a ten-game plan, but, still.) So, around 10:05, I thought I was through. When I selected my location and number of tickets, it sent me right back into the waiting room! I've never had that one. What a load of crap. Now it's 10:20. Doesn't look too good.

The names of these Pax are hilarious. One Rockies game out of four does not a "Rocky Mountain High Pack" make. Or whatever. Ooh, one Tigers game and three random others! Let's call that "The Roaring Jungle Creature Pack"!

The guaranteed way to get the Sox Pax is go to Fenway today, for Xmas at Fenway. But it was by lottery this year, and I didn't make the cut. When's Channukah at Fenway, anyway? (I use the spelling with "Chan" in it.

Still not in, at 10:24. Maybe I'll save a little cash today...

Update: I got through on the phone, but you can only get sigle tix for April and May that way. I tried for the weekend ones, but only single seats available.

Mid-update update: I just got in! Explorer browser WINS! 10:55. Got the pack I wanted, which includes a Yankee game and the Sunday Giants game. So I'll see bonds hit the record-breaking homer, it looks like. I won't catch it, though, unless he hit's it to nearly the top of the bleachers, which is where the seats are.

Back to the original update: If you do want single game tickets, I recommend the phone way. It often comes through for me, 617 482 4SOX. And you can still get some midweek, good seats that are together. Anyway, whatever, I got my Giants game--it's their first trip to Fenway in the modern era. I think.

I didn't get in on Christmas at Fenway either. I ended up getting through about half hour ago and grabbed the Sunday Best pack.
I didn't use the phrase "VWR hell" - not this year, anyway - but it can be a pretty apt description. I did get through, though, and got a bunch of tickets for the week of May 13. All I need to do know is actually get to Boston...
Lucky me. I get a free ticket to a Sox game every year on Mother's Day. (Jere's Dad gets a free ticket every year on Father's Day. Coincidentally, the two tickets are for the same day and the seats are next to each other.) Ergo: raise your children to be Red Sox fans.
Congratulations. No, seriously, you deserve it. Have fun at Fenway. Really! I didn't really want to go, anyway. So you go and you have fun. I mean it!
Nice job, jellies and iain.

Mom, I hear the Devil Rays havea GREAT team this year. Maybe I'll give you those tix...

other and female js: Were you using your mind to will yourself out of the waiting room? That may have been your achilles heel. Note: I only opened one window in each of three browsers. Some people have a hundred going. So don't be too mad at me.

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