Friday, December 22, 2006

The Patriots And We

Patriots' Day game to probably start at 10:05, instead of 11:05. Was I the only one who noticed this news already came out when they announced the Sox Pax. It says "10 AM" right on there. (Neither the Mets nor Yanks play in New York that night, so if anyone wants to repeat my feat of going to two major league games in two different cities on one day, you'll have to do Boston and Philly. You've got an extra hour, though...good luck!) Wait a minute, you could just do New York and Philly on any day where one plays at 1:00 and the other plays at 7:00. You don't even need an AM start time on one of the games. Why didn't anyone tell me that? Oh well, I guess my specific feat was seeing a game in New York and Boston on the same day.

Ken Griffey broke his hand, and they're not saying how. Any guesses?

Dontrelle Willis peed in the street.

Besides my usual Red Sox stuff listed in the post below, today, on my way too and from work, I've also seen: 1 Sox hat (female), 1 BC hat (female), 1 Fairfield sweatshirt (male), 1 Nantucket sweatshirt (female), 1 old-school Pats logo hat (male). I think the holidays bring out the New England in New Yorkers.

How about celebrating the 1 year mark for letting Damon go?
No problem. I will dance and sing and laugh about how Damon went to the Yanks, hit THIRTY points lower than the year before, and led the Yanks to a quick 1st round departure. This year he'll be even older and weaker.

Get out of fantasy-land, asshole. Welcome to this century. It's really happening. I know it's hard to believe.
I'm guessing the Griffey injury is nerve tonic related...

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