Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Old Red Sox Every Night

The New York-area has seen a lot of the Red Sox these last two nights. Monday it was the '86 World Series, Game 6, on SNY. Last night it was the '78 playoff game on Hell No. Much like Game 6, I have no problem watching much of the Bucky Fuckin' Dent game. I love seeing the shots of Fenway from when I was three years old. And, of course, I sit there rooting for the team, as if the result of the game might change all these years later. (Contradictions: I've previously said I can now "stare it in the face," meaning I can watch the old sad moments, knowing what ended up happening in 2004. However, when given the choice, like last night, to watch or not watch the Dent "homer," I'll choose "not watch." I've also said how the past losses make 2004 that much sweeter. That's true. And though I root for Remy's ball to get past Piniella every time, I know deep down that it was all meant to be, and I wouldn't go back in time and change the result of that game if I could.)

Anyway, I hadn't seen the very early innings of that game too many times before. So I got to hear Frank Messer (also in the booth with Rizzuto and White) talk about how great it was to hear the Fenway fans "back on Yaz' side." He promptly homered to delight and repay them. Rizzuto's call: Crack!"That's gann!" (He subscribed to the "make your prediction right away, then worry about what actually happens on the play later" method of announcing. He turned out to be right on this play.

It's also weird, much like in the Buckner game, to watch Bucky Dent earlier in the game, mere hours before his entire persona would change.

The bleacher crowd was very shirtless, despite that it was a late-day start in October. Yet the announcers talked about how there was a nip in the air.

I also noticed some kid in the Red Sox dugout with a yellow football-type jersey on.

And I love the basic, white graphics on the screen. They were more like updates. As Yaz was circling the bases, the number of homers the Sox hit that season popped up.

I'd like to see the ABC version of that game, called by Keith Jackson. And I've never seen TV-38 footage of it, having lived around here all my life.

And I'm still trying to find the mystery person from that day.

Jere, I watched the '78 game live at my new app't in Simsbury that fateful day. A new, just new, place to live and it was immediately saddled with the burden of being THE PLACE I watched that game. AAAHHHHHH! Take care...healthy and happy holidays to you and yours.
Why The Yankees LOVE Ancient History?

There's NOTHING in the Modern Era(Last 6 Years) worth remembering.

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