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Note: Everything I say on this blog is my opinion. Some shit-heads think they can tell me what to do and say. To them I say, "Go drink pee--also, the Red Sox won the World Series very recently. There's nothing you can do to change it. I know you were basing your whole pathetic life on the fact that 'they'll always choke in the end.' Well, what have you got now? Nothing. Also, when we're all dead, it won't matter how much dirty money you have in your hands.)

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (another Red Sox blogger) got a mass e-mail. It was from a guy who was starting up a blog called "Not-so-Great Moments in Red Sox History." His little joke was that he was "launching" it on Bucky Fuckin' Dent's birthday. I guess he thought it would be funny to send out his cheesy press release to Red Sox fans or whatever.

Okay, fine. He wants to do a site about bad things that have happened to the Red Sox. People are allowed to do that.

But when I went to the site, I found some odd and borderline disturbing things.

The opening line of the description is: Just because they won the World Series doesn't mean there is no curse.

Yes, some dipshit actually wrote those words. Again, he has every right to write this stuff but I have every right to rip the shit out of him for it.

Then there are the injuries and deaths which he announces casually:

Tony Conigliaro is hit in the face by a Jack Hamilton pitch in a game at Fenway Park. He would miss the rest of the storied 1967 season and all of 1968.

Jean Yawkey, Red Sox owner, dies at age 83 at Mass General Hospital.

I don't know what this guy's deal is. If he was a Sox fan, and showed some remorse over the sad things, it would be (lame but) okay. And he's from Mass, and even once wrote a letter to the NYT about Rice and Evans, that wasn't anti-Sox. Maybe he's one of these guys that got fed up with the team years ago and turned on them. But he's pretty clearly anti-Sox, as you can tell by the description, and shit like this:

April 20, 1912

In the first game ever at Fenway Park, the Yankees record a number of firsts. Guy Zinn records the first walk as a batter and the first run scored. Roy Hartzell gets the first hit, the first single, and the first RBI. Hal Chase and Bert Daniels share the record for the first steal. Harry Wolter had the first sacrifice hit. Cozy Dolan is the first batter hit by a pitch.
The great news: Yankees lose to the Sox 7-6 in 11 innings.
The not-so-great news: It was pretty much all downhill from here, except for the brief and fading moment in 2004.

I can assure you, I commented about that one. In fact, you can read my comments (I'm the only one who has so far) at the end of almost every month.

I have Googled the guy, and it seems he's a slimy businessman type. He invented some cellphone diet or something, and his blog is full of ads. He also has other blogs that appear to be nothing more than attempts to cash in on stuff. Which must be what this anti-Sox blog is about: He knows the Sox are hot, so he came up with this idea to make money. Many of the blogs he linked to, including MINE, are Sox blogs. Most of the ads are for pro-Sox stuff. He has a list of Sox books. One of my comments was for him to please remove the link to my blog. He didn't do it, but it now says "br?" next to my blog's name.

He wrote a "This Day In History" book about the Atlanta Braves that was published in the 80s. So maybe he figures it's an easy way to write a book (or blog) about a team. The whole damn thing is just copied from other sources anyway. Then there's the shit that just makes no sense:

Red Sox 2B Steve Yerkes, who scored the winning run in the final game of the 1912 World Series, establishes the ML record for the longest game with no chances for a second baseman, as he goes through 15 innings without a chance.

Huh? What a fuckup.

And he attempts to cover his ass with this, from his blog description: "Because of record-keeping and reporting inconsistencies and other reasons, we strongly suggest that you not use this site as a definitive source."

On this, the day of Saddam Hussein's death, I give you Not-so-Grand Moments in MarcO History, found at Go ahead and check it out. It's about evil people who do stupid stuff, and is in no way related to the Not-So-Great Moments in Red Sox History blog.

Also, feel free to comment at his blog what you think of his shitty site. If you go there, though, please, do not click on any of his ads. I don't want this guy getting any more money. If you want to buy a Red Sox book advertised on his site, just cut and paste the name so he doesn't get any kickback. But it's your choice. You can do whatever you want.

UPDATE: The man finally responds! In his comments, he told me he removed my link like I asked, then told me, and I quote, "You need to calm down." So now he thinks he can tell me what I need to do. Also, he added a new post to his blog about the Sox and the Japanese website, referring to the Sox as "we." Terrible job. What is this guy's deal??

A Doofus with No Life, I Guess!
I have to check him out....without clicking! Right now.....
Absolutely, Michael.

Nice, Peter, check it out. You have the right to click or not to click.
I feel like a dummy Jere...I couldn't find his link! Help? I'm glad you didn't post it, but maybe email it to me???Thanks.
As Gilda once said, "Never mind." Found it...thanks
And I'm listed in his links! But his posts are fairly old...your comments are better than his whole blog!
Peter, he's updating as he goes. That's why the dates are old.
I got that same mass email on Dent's birthday. I went to the site and it's pretty pathetic.(Still under a curse? Pretty damn lame.) I sent him an email and told him nicely to take me off his list (and he did). Great post, Jere.

And a Happy New Year to you.
I've always found it interesting that the person who tells you to calm down is the one who has riled you up.

Do what Don Imus did years ago;

"Go Pee In A Phone Booth!"
Very nice, Q. Good move. Happy New Year to you, too.

Good call, Michael. I knew you'd be behind me all the way on this one!
I wonder if Marc O's Pee has poisoned his brain?


& Happy New Year!

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