Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nobody's Around

It's "Armageddon Week" on the History Channel, and it seems like it in New York. Nobody on the roads, nobody on the beach. (By road I mean road. By beach I mean sidewalk. By quoting Don Henley I risk losing readers. Myyyy mistake.)

Wow, I never use "myyyy mistake" on this blog, but I always do in real life. I have to change that. Much like I kept "terrible job" away from you, the person who doesn't know me in real life, for a while before thrusting it upon you, I will now start saying, I mean writing, "myyyy mistake." (Number of Ys may vary.)

Let's test it out. "Chan, terrible job leaving soap residue on the dishes. Oh, it was me? Myyyyyyyy mistake." Also, "yourrrr mistake" will sometimes be used: "Chan, terrible job letting our friend Jim make you a Dunbar fan when you came to this country. Yourrrr mistake." At least Jim's actually from the Bronx. Yet, oddly enough, he's a Celtics fan... Hissss mistake.

Is this picture a still from the 1959 Gregory Peck/Ava Gardner post-apocalypse movie On the Beach?
Nah, dude, the Boys of Summer video. I can't believe I found a still of it that didn't feature Henley himself. It's better to not have to look at his face.

Also, your MASH things made me think of the next quiz.

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