Friday, December 01, 2006

No News Is Bad News

I guess it's gonna be "everybody talk about Trot with a side of Manny" day here in Red Sox Cubicle.

Let's just not trade manny. Who's with me? Everything I hear about a Manny deal sounds to me like the Red Sox are trying to see what they can do to secure fourth place in '07. And if this "sign trot because then we somehow can trade manny" thing has any truth to it, well, I love Trot, but if I had to get rid of him or Manny, I'd keep Manny. What is going on here? Answer: Probably nothing. Reporters need stuff to do, I guess.

My only fear with Trotter staying in Boston is that he won't be well recieved by the fans. If he got signed by another team, he would probably get the louder ovation style cheering if he came back to play against the Sox at home. Like if he left, everyone would get all nostalogic and forget that a season ago they put him down for a whole slew of exaggerated reasons. I love you, Mojo Nixon!
We know the internet fans won't treat him well, but the fans at the park would continue to love him as they always have. But you're right, he would get mega-huge ovations coming back in a Brewers uniform or something.

Although if he does leave, I'll be able to say I was one of a handful of people who saw him come off the field in a Sox uniform for the last time. (The picture I took of the moment is the background on my laptop.)
Trot coming back shouldn't factor into the Manny thing at all. Trot should just come back because a pine tar and rosin saturated Reds hat or something would just look dumb.

Manny Must Go!
Chime in? Me? Not this time. We are a couple days away from the winter meetings...I still think Manny quit on us last year...I also think he is irreplaceable....I also think that the club is not bringing back Dirt Dog extraordinary I'll sit back and wait. If Manny wants to play for us, he is irreplaceable. But if he wants to be a lump on the bench with a "knee injury,", well, goodbye Mr. Ramirez. I DO NOT LIKE QUITTERS. And that's exactly what he did. Those of you with rose colored glasses who think Manny can do no wrong....didn't you learn during the last couple months of '06? I love the guy, but hate what he did.
I think he had a knee injury.

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