Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Moron: The Boss

From a Fox Sports article:

The Yankees' reported pursuit of free-agent first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz might be nothing more than a ploy to drive down the price of Shea Hillenbrand, whose right-handed bat would provide greater balance to their lineup.

The Yankees are already too left-handed, and Mientkiewicz, 32, didn't play after July 31 last season due to a lower back strain. Hillenbrand, 31, offers less on-base proficiency and defensive skill, but more power.

I've been hearing this Minkster-to-the-Yanks rumor a lot lately. If they don't get him, they still could get Hillenbrand. And I saw another article saying the Yanks are looking at Loretta to play first.

George, George, George. No matter how many ex-Red Sox you get, it's never going to get you that 2004 championship. It's over and done with. You choked. Not the Red Sox, the New York Yankees. Are you trying to find the "next Babe Ruth"? The guy who will come over to your side and give you the next 26 championships while we win none? You think that's going to happen again? (No, not "Do you want that to happen again?") Damon didn't bring you to the promised land and he's only getting older. You're never gonna find the next Babe because there isn't one. You try to find the next Nirvana, you end up with Candlebox.

The Nirvana/Candlebox analogy is great!
Yeah, but sometimes you get Temple of the Dog..."The Yankees are goin' hungry...goin' hungrryrryryry..."
"Blood is on the table, the mouths are chok-i-i-in'"
"George is farming players, they're all slaves like Damon...
But they're goin hungry... yeah-eah..."

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