Monday, December 18, 2006

The Money Store Does It Again

[Note: Video is gone thanks to YouTube closing my old account. Maybe someday I'll get it back up. Most of my vids are back up, though.]

This is a pretty good anti-drug commercial from 1987. Nice effects. I like how they always show "drugs" as a variety of different things. As if this kid just sits there choosing a different drug each day like they were candy bars.

The beginning of the clip after that is one of Phil Rizzuto's classic Money Store commercials. I'll never forget the percentage rates at The Money Store: first it was 7 1/2 percent (that's right, 7 1/2 percent!). Then it was 8 1/2. It got as high at "9 and a quawta pa-sent!" ANd I believe it eventually went down to 6 3/4. I didn't know what these rates meant as a kid, and I don't know now. Surely tri-state area people will remember these ads. What an incredible actor that Scooter was.

I can't even imagine how they came up with the "plot" of the one you see the beginning of here. Was there really a dinner that Phil actually attended? Did he bring Cora? And Bill White? And "Seava"? Or did they just come across some stock footage of a car going down the FDR drive in fast-motion, and decide they'd need Phil to "get somewhere," and have him get into his car? But why have him be late? Oh, right, because the footage was sped up. Were we to believe Phil drives at these manic speeds? Or only when there's an important event on the horizon, such as The Money Store's 25th anniversary dinner?

As you can see, many of my chilhood questions remain unanswered. But I never took drugs. (I do like the smell of those markers, though.)

Shades of '76 Jere....I saw a screening of Rocky Balboa, and WOW. The sixty year old Rocky shines. You will love it, as will the American movie-going public. A number one to be. Off-topic, and I hope it's OK. Stay well...

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