Wednesday, December 20, 2006

'm In It: Rice

Hopefully that'll be the headline soon, when Jim Rice gets the call telling him he made the Hall of Fame. People think this is a bad year for Rice's chances, what with Ripken and Gwynn going in. But the cosmos are pointing to it: I've seen him on TV the last two nights. I recently found amongst my crap, and prominently displayed, one of those old Topps bigger-than-postcards from, like, 1980, of Jim Ed with a big afro. sites have a little Hall montage which quickly shows Rice giving a curtain call. (When is it from? Anyone know? Has to be pre-'80.)

So maybe he'll sneak in. If my friend Casey gets a vote, I know he'll do anything to take attention away from Tony Gwynn. I'm guessing he doesn't have a vote, since he's not in the field of sports journalism. But he could be writing threatening letters to and/or planning the kidnapping of voters as we speak.


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