Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Latest Ticket News

Obstructed seats for ALL games (that were already on sale) on sale now at All the way around the grandstand, and RF boxes that are obstructed by Pesky's Pole. Good way to get four together, to any game. You just have to lean over your friends and/or loved ones. It's weird how they're doing this. It's like the behind-a-pole seats are getting their own separate unannounced sale. Something to think about later when the summer games go on sale.

I once sat in an obstructed seat and on top of that, a great large usher was leaning against the post that was obstructing me, obstructing me further. So I gently asked him if he could move, and he said, "Hey, you cahn't see anyway."
But then he not only moved, he recommended an empty seat nearby.
Ah, those feisty but loveable Fenway ushers.
Or like when I was sitting there, right behind a pole, and Larry Lucchino came up the steps, saw me there and said "What kind of a seat is that?"

Apologies to those who've heard that one a million times.

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