Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"In Mid-Air, Mind You"

While Yankee fans are still trying to figure out how a big, heavy, metal bird can stay aloft, Red Sox fans are tracking John Henry's plane as it brings Daisuke to Boston.

(Currently crossing over the four corners. And I don't mean the one in Brookfield, CT.)

Update: 6 years, 52 million bucks!

Update, 2:50 PM: Air'Henry is about to not be in Kansas anymore, as it approaches the midpoint of its flight. It looked to me like they started picking up speed once they hit Kansas. Sure enough, I clicked the "en route" link, and according to it, they've sped up to the 490 knots level, after cruising at 450 for much of the first half of the flight. That could be because they've gone upstairs to 41,000 feet, after a long stretch at 39--am I really saying this? This is ridiculous! I'm actually watching the progress of a plane, clicking reload...

Update, 3:24 PM: Henry unaware of deal. Theo, Larry, Daisuke, Werner, and Boras decide not to call him to mess with him, I'm sure. I bet that happened a lot to John Henry in elementary school.

Update, 4:15 PM: Plane over Ohio. Mirabelli back with Sox.

Update, 5:30 PM: This is the most exciting final approach ever! 1700 ft, 1200, 900... I wonder what FlightAware does on the landing... A zero? An "L"? I can't wait! ... Looks like it just stopped tracking at 900 feet. According to the "progress" chart, they're two minutes from landing. (Someone on a message board said it already landed.)... And now that flashed off and it says "Landed 17 minutes ago!" Yes, with an exclamation point. I guess that means they're 17 minutes behind real time. Anyway, what a day. And there's more to come...

Insane! Totally, wonderfully insane!

Still cruisin' at 41 grand. Were going 522 knots for a while there. What time do you think they'll start descending? I'll say 4:28.
Also, it'll go just south of Toronto. Look to the southern sky in about an hour, redsock.
They're locked in at 529 knots for the last 16 minutes. Cruise control. Hey, is Dicey gonna make the plane dip wildly down and to the right?
My mistake. There were a couple of 523s in this stretch. But still going at 529 in all but 2 minutes between 4:04 and 4:26.
Still no major shift in speed or altitude as of 4:40, as they fly over New York's southern tier. My 4:28 decrease prediction was incorrect.

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