Monday, December 25, 2006

Give A Give A Give A Unit

Looks like the D-Backs want Ran D-Back from the mean streets of El Dunbarrio. I love this line from the article:
The Yankees may be willing to deal Johnson because of the depth they have in their rotation. Mike Mussina, Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte and Kei Igawa are projected starters, and they also have Carl Pavano -- who the team hopes is healthy after injury troubles the past two seasons -- and several young pitchers that could compete for a starting spot.
These writers are a laugh riot. Since when does starting rotation "depth" mean your five-hole contains either Carl Pavano or a rookie? (While assuming another dude who's never pitched in the bigs is your #4.)

I also love how Randy's gone from hired-gun ace to a notch below Wang to trade-bait. I bet he's feeling good inside at this joyous time of year.

I don't know why the diamondbacks would want him back they got rid of him because he was too much moneuy they said so why would you want him back for$16 million???????makes no sense to me.
Jere, when anyone mentions "pitching depth" to me, I and many other Sox fans, you included, flash back to the days preceding Bronson's dumping, all because we had too much pitching on our hands. There ain't no such thing, as I hope the Yankees rudely find out! Actually, I hope he remains in their rotation...I have a feeling he'll be a .500 pitcher. Not much other baseball news at all on this Tuesday but seems like a Monday morning.
Why trade RJ? Let's count the reasons

#1 he's a club house cancer. Hates NY, and likes the AZ state tax system better.

#2 - Pitching depth - Yes, pitching depth. A healhty Pavano in the 5 spot is a pretty good option considering he was a #2 on a World Series championshp team just 3 seasons earlier. The signing of Lefty Igawa is solid but yes a mystery (Igawa's numbers compare pretty nicely to cherished chosen child Dice-K). Scott Proctor is looking to come to the starting rotation. ON top of that the Yanks also have two guys named Moe (Rassner and Karstens) who are young, and made quality starts last year who could easily fill a 4 spot in a starting rotation. The Yanks have dept.

#3 - Barry Zito is still on the market, maybe something is in the works where they need to make room?

#4 - At least they are not trying to sign J.D. Drew.
Oh, man, Jere, I am just waiting for you to unload.
I hope in your rebuttal your apoplexy level remains safe in terms of your health.
Oh, I understand why the Yanks would want to trade Johnson. What I don't understand is why any team would want a surly 43-year-old with creaky knees who put up a 5.00 ERA last year and is owed $16mm this year. I wouldn't give up a bag of broken bats for that, let alone a couple of decent prospects. No way the Yanks move him without eating a HUGE chunk of that salary.

And thanks for the good laugh on Pavano equalling depth. Yeah, I think of Matt Clement as depth for the Sox rotation...
Oh, and I forgot to also thank you for the laugh about Proctor in the rotation equalling depth. I know Ca$hman and Torre have been going around peddling that line, but it's not gonna happen...Proctor's arm will fall off at some point in '07 from all the abuse it took in '06.

I'll bet last year at this time, you were referring to Aaron "Pact With Satan" Small and Shawn Chacon as "depth".
Don't worry, mom, I just call people in from Argentina in these situations.

Remember in the movie version of M*A*S*H, when Hawkeye and Trapper conned the hospital staff in Tokyo by claiming to be the 'Pros from Dover'? Maybe I should start claiming to be the 'Pro from Argentina'.
Never saw it. But I trust that your reference is either perfect or funny or both.
Oh, and just for JeresMom:

Thank you again for the Buenos Aires tips! We had a wonderful time.
It is impossible not to have a wonderful time in Buenas Aires. But if the tips came in handy, I'm glad. Bienvenidos.

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