Friday, December 01, 2006

Garlic Furley

Possible problems with garlic knots:

1. Stick to foil.
2. Not enough garlic.
3. Too much garlic. (rare)
4. Don't taste good.

If you can think of any more, let me know. I thought of this because I just ate some (problems: slightly #1), not because I've been linked on a food blog. The "Lead Burrito Analyst" over at Burrito Blog gave me a nod after I gave him an update on the place Chan & I always get burritos at. Thanks to him. And to Baseball Heavy, where I found the link to BB. And to Wicth City, who "discovered" BH. And to Al Gore, for inventing this internet which WC found me through.


Too doughy?
Wet from spilled soda.
I'm asking for the "I (heart) Burritos" t-shirt for Xmas.

Because I truly do.
Nice. I forgot about this post and when I got those first two comments in my e-mail, I had no ida what they were referring to. Yet strangely I figured they had to mean something, so I didn't kill myself trying to figure them out.

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