Friday, December 29, 2006

Flying Objects

Whenever they need an old Sock for a quote, they turn to Gedman. Check out his thoughts on universal deity Jim Rice in this article. The Sox are pushing for Jim Ed this year. As we know, these votes can be influenced, and maybe these voters just need a kick in the pants. Or maybe some of the ones who hated Rice have kicked the bucket since last year. Sorry about some form of the word "kick" being in the last two, now three, sentences.

Chan and I were throwing the Aerobie around in Central Park just now. I heard there's a bald eagle hangin' around over there, but I knew the odds of seeing it would be low since Central Park is bigger than Monaco. But I guess we saw the next best thing. At one point, I caught a throw from Chan, and all of a sudden, gliding right toward me was a gigantic bird. I pointed at it while yelling out to Chan (who thought it was another frisbee flying in from behind him). It flew right past my head, maybe a foot above me and a few to my left. I turned right around, tracking it as it almost grabbed a squirrel, but probably realized it was a tad too big. Then it perched in a tree right behind where I was standing. We walked right underneath it and just stared up at it, about twenty feet above us.

It being New York, much like when the mariachis serenade you on the subway, nobody seemed to bat an eye. Two women on a bench right near us didn't even bother to look up. You'd think they'd at least wonder why we walked right up to them and started staring up into the trees.

We just observed it for a few minutes. It was huge, and had a red tail. It was looking for stuff to kill and eat. Finally, it flew south toward the reservoir.

Even though Chan and I had been talking about Pale Male (also menitoned in the bald eagle article linked above) on our way into the park, I didn't realize that's who we saw until now. Unless there's another red-tailed hawk that lives near Central Park. Tomorrow I take my first photo run with my new digital camera. Guess where I'm going?


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