Friday, December 01, 2006

Final Choipter

Baseball Heavy WINS! for her coverage of the current Hee-seop Choi news. Choi's been signed by the Devil Rays--for almost one million dollars a year, officially ending the Red Sox'--I mean, PawSox'--Choi era. You may remember when we got this guy, Jere, aka me, looked at the guy's antiquated, pre-talkie-days statistics and quickly concluded the guy was a bum. Whereas the Nina SABR-hagen Das-EFX people thought differently, that we somehow were the only club to recognize the true brilliance of this guy. BSM said, at the time,

Choi's just a great pickup all around- very good defense, very good plate discipline, undervalued, came for free, cheap as hell, good power, and provides insurance on the almost inevitable Snow/ Lowell suckfest. This is where Theo beats the other guys- depth and roster construction.

His career Red Sox totals:

Every category: 0

But I'm sure you're gonna tell me he was somehow good for your fantasy team last year in ways I couldn't possibly understand! (Yes, I know he has injury problems.)


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