Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fancy Nancy

When I first saw Fancy Nancy's Funny Hour on Manhattan public access, I thought, Come on, we've all seen Gilda Radner and Lily Tomlin do the little girl routine. I kind of thought Nancy was just some bored girl saying whatever pops in to her head, and talking like a little kid, and that had to get old quick.

About two minutes later, though, I was a fan. I grabbed some of it off the TV last night. Here it is (divided into 5 parts):

You start to realize she's talented as you watch more and more. I hardly ever see the show since I can never remember when it's on. But now I know it's Monday nights, maybe channel 67, maybe 12:30. [Update: channel 67, Monday night at midnight, Wed night at 10:30.] She doesn't seem to have a website, but she's got a myspace. I tried getting more show info there, but it's all just colors and shapes to me. And, of course, a bunch of incongruous notes from random, half-naked people which feature wacky pictures of people or animals doing cra-a-zy things. (With all apologies to all the non-stupid people who have a myspace. Or, who have yourspace, or whatever. Oh wait, that makes it sound like Nancy herself is non-non-stupid. Just forget it.) She's also got more clips from her show on YouTube here.

You can also write to her at the address she mentions on the show, and she'll send you a holiday card in the mail.

Anyway, I think it's pretty funny. It also brings up the topic of sex. Not the stuff, the thing. You know what I mean. Like, sitting in front of a camera goofing around seems to be a predominantly male activity.

Why is that? Are females not encouraged to be goofy, especially when they "become a lady," as is fittingly discussed in this episode? What are your thoughts?

Also, this reminds me--speaking of being goofy in front of a camera, I gotta get some stuff up here from the public access show Brian and I used to do in Danbury, called Ready!.


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