Thursday, December 21, 2006

Drew/Red Sox Hat Trick

Some more Drew non-news: Surprise, surprise, Boras says everything's fine with his client.

Somebody let me know when something actually happens. (Especially if Drew turns into Trot Nixon.)

Saw some old Red Sox for the third night in a row. While flipping by the Hell No network, I noticed old (gulp) friend Byung-Hyun Kim on the mound at Yankee Stadium. I noticed the score was tied in the ninth with the bases loaded. The first pitch I saw was grouded toward Todd Walker, and as it rolled, I remembered exactly which game this was. When this play happened live, I was on the pay phone at my old job in Danbury, listening to my mom give the play by play. Walker would bobble and throw wild to home, as the winning run scored. As I recall, Steinbrenner wept after this game for no good reason.

I just looked it up on, and they, terribly, call it a night game. (It was July 7th, 2003--a duel between Pedro and Musina.) If the fact that I was at work at a 9-5 job as the game ended doesn't prove it was a day game, this preview from Yahoo showing a 1:05 PM start time will. (I'll write to retrosheet and let 'em know. Trust me.)

That game seems like proverbial yesterday. Doesn't seem like this blog didn't exist yet at the time.

Jere, is that the game when Pedro 'hit' Jeter and Soriano and Jeter was so mortally wounded that he took a shower and put on his suit before being taken away in an ambulance?
Oh yeah, when Pedro was accused of terrorism for striking a guy out. Right, that game.

This reminds me: Remember when Zimmer attacked Pedro and he defended himself? Well, as you may know, I think it was Bloomberg who said, "Had that happened in Yankee Stadium, I'd have made sure Pedro would've been prosecuted to the full extent of the law," or some bullshit like that. Well, I was watching Game 6 '86 the other night, and the Mets' channel added little facts throughout the game. One said that the guy who parachuted into Shea Stadium, unannounced, risking possible death or injury not only to himself, but to each of the 50,000 people he could've landed on, was arrested, etc, BUT, some stats official got the sentence/fine REDUCED! I'm glad lawmakers are basing these key decisions based on what team the person in question plays/roots for.. what the hell?

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