Friday, December 29, 2006

Detachable Unit

The Yankees continue to act like the Red Sox. Well, they want to win, don't they? Only one A.L. East team has figured out how to win it all in the last six seasons, so Team Dunbar is following the right one. Too bad the curse of Ramiro Mendoza continues to hang over their heads. Anyway, this article talks about how they're close to trading an old pitcher for young pitchers, and how they want Minky and Loretta to round out their infield.

Hi Jere...I wrote a post after reading this SAME article, and it seems the Yankees are for once being smart.
We'll hope Arizona doesn't give up too much. IF this is really gonna happen.
I thought Josh Byrnes was supposed to be really smart? There's no way he should be giving up anything more than Nippert, and even then the Yanks should have to pay at least half of Johnson's salary.
I really hope they dont give up Micah owings he is their top pitching prospect!

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