Friday, December 08, 2006

Coz: Loy., Rashad: Doct. Or Was It The Other Way Around?

You know this kid Milhouse? And by "Milhouse," I mean Gerard Cosloy. He does this sportsnewsy/many posts a day-ey type blog/site called Can't Stop the Bleeding. You know how I found it? Because a link showed up on my Statcounter--I guess he'd linked to me when I told a young Deadspin to go fuck itself after it took something I wrote out of context. Cosloy loved this, because Will, aka Deadspin, is his mortal internenemy. The stuff he writes about him just cracks me up. It's my favorite one-way hatred since that dude from East Coast Agony's lifelong quest to destroy Ed Cossette, the Bambino's Curse guy. (I can only hope someone makes a similar comparison one day to me and my one-way nemesis, Michael Kay. Or better yet, me and that singer guy from Sugar Ray. I swear if I ever see that douchebag... or that child actor from The Sixth Sense. Where was I?)

Oh, right, the Coz. That link had been from at least a year ago--I know that because fairly recently Deadspin had a first birthday party at a bar like two blocks from my house, and I didn't get an invite (ouch!). I don't drink or like guys that go to sports bars, anyway, but still. Either way, I had been going to Deadspin pretty regularly for a while, and I've mentioned here my problems with it, which wasn't anything major, but what it came down to was that I was getting sick of it anyway, mainly due to the commentors. If I want to hear a bunch of sexists, and women who put up with sexism because they have low self-esteem, so they combat it by being "one of the guys," I'd go to...well, I guess I'd go to Deadspin.

Thanks a LOT, Ted Turner.So, terribly, I didn't know about Can't Stop the Bleeding, but when I went there, I knew I'd found a daily-sports-news -but-also other-stuff- site that matched my personality more closely. (Like when L-Girl and Joy of Sox moved to Canada. We Move to Can...'t Stop the Bleeding.) And let me give you some reasons why:

1. The music stuff. Actually, I don't even need to take this list any further. The guy mentioned Adrenalin OD and I almost shit my pants. My friend Bru-Win is/was a member of AOD, legendary funny-core outfit from Jersey that influenced a generation of punks. Did I just call AOD funny-core? I'm retarded. Anyway, besides that, Cosloy knows his shit when it comes to music and sportsy stuff.

But in an even more "I'm a moron" move by yours truly, I had no freakin' idea who Gerard Cosloy really was. The other day I'm sitting there, Google-searching for something, who knows what, that involved the word hardcore. Not the sex, the music. And I came across that movie American Hardcore. I thought, Oh yeah, I never did see that...I gotta see that. Then I clicked one of the people who was interviewed for the film, Jack Rabid. Turns out his only other credit was from a movie called The Shield Around the K. And I was like, What? They made a documentary about K Records? How did I miss that? I clicked on it, and there, among the "cast," was one Gerard Cosloy.

Okay, this dude is bigger than I thought. Did some more searching, and I guess he's a big deal at Matador Records (what's above President?), and ran Homestead Records, whose acts included, like, every band in the world that isn't shitty. And if the random person who wrote his wikipedia entry is right, he...discovered Pavement. I would've said good night and walked off right there. But Cosloy has gone on to do this great blog, along with his current musical thingity things. So please give it a read if you're the one person left who hasn't seen it yet.

The weird thing is, I feel like most people reading this right now will say "Wow, you are a moron," OR, "I have know idea what you're talking about. You said he does a sports site, right?"

There's plenty of sports here, as well as slices of your life that are priceless to so many of us. And today, Dec. 8th, is ALWAYS a tough day for me for reasons you didn't mention. Have a great weekend my friend.
Aw, don't worry, Peter. Andrew from 12-Eight will post again one day.
But in an even more "I'm a moron" move by yours truly, I had no freakin' idea who Gerard Cosloy really was.

I won't call you a moron, but I will say you are young. ... Is that better?
"I'll take fastidious."

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