Friday, December 15, 2006

Changing Of The Sneeze Guard

The new Trupiano(s). (Praise Gedman, neither are named Lyons.) Castiglione, of course, will be back for his 25th season.

Trup is memorable. He once told this AWFUL Joke involving Sox Rookie David Pauley:

The punchline was "Pauley want a cracker";


Dave O'Brien, who worked the Marlins Games for several years('93-'01), then did the Mets on the WB11 with the Snore King, 3Time Cy Young Award Winner, Tom Seaver & usually called an even keel game. I listened to him & realised that he was no Floridian. What a relief that he came from Quincy & various South Shore MBTA Points;

As always, from the Ken Coleman Days, Castig marches on.Let's hope that 'TIC is still our radio voice this season.
Trup's bad jokes are his trademark. That and pointing out all of Castiglione's mistakes.

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