Tuesday, December 05, 2006

But Also Lugo

Sox also get Julio Lugo!

That makes me feel better about the Drew thing, because I like Lugo. He can never be Gonzalez defensively, but I think he'll definitely strive in our lineup. (Even though a commentor recently said on Joy of Sox that he "can't hit his way out of a paper bag." I'd say that's way off.)

I think I meant "thrive," not "strive." The weird thing is, I thought about it at the time, and decided "strive" was right.
Survive is another!
As a woman, the idea of the Sox bringing on a guy who was accused of beating his wife/girlfriend doesn't make me too warm and fuzzy. I hope he does well for the team but I'll have a hard time actually cheering for him.
Oh, dear, are we going to have a Brett Myers on the team? I always liked Julio. I didn't know about this. Now I have to re-think.

I also didn't know that Dmitri Young was accused of the same and is currently on probation for it.

What the f*** is with these guys?
beazer: You don't have to be a woman to get the anti-warm and fuzzies about something like that.

I do take it on a case by case basis when judging, though. (Granted, when you hear about domestic violence, you can be pretty sure that the man is the agressor.) So, supposedly, he was acting in self defense, and she dropped charges and stayed with him. But you know what that means--he could've done so much bad to her that she finally lashed out, and, well,I don't want to get into the psychology of it all, but, there's probably very little chance that he's completely innocent of wrongdoing. I just hope he or they have sought help and that nothing like that ever happens again.

WC: It's weird. I remember when we got Wil Cordero and then he got arrested for beating his wife and it was like "get this guy outta here." A lot of people that are beloved do a lot of shady things and it always makes you think.

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