Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Boss, The Toss, The Price, The Dice

Joe Perry is excited about Daisuke. So we got that goin' for us. No word on how the bass player from Showcase Showdown feels on the matter yet.

Did you know Steinbrenner wants to give Gooden another chance? When does it end with that guy?

Speaking of Doctor coKe, I watched a lot of Game 6 last night on the Mets' channel (the game, not the movie). Some people can't watch that game. I can--and I root just as hard for the Red Sox when I see it now as I did when it happened. Besides, when else am I gonna get to see Barrett, Rice, Evans, and Gedman playing baseball on my TV? It's like transporting myself to the 80s. I think I'm drawn to old Sox games because of that. For most of my life, any "classic" Sox games would end up sad, but I'd still watch, at least the non-painful parts. Especially if it was winter at the time.

Last night, I watched up until there were two outs in the ninth. (God, the way Rice and Hendu catch those two fly balls in tip-toe fashion, one step away from getting to the end of a tightrope over a decades-long canyon. They can see and feel it, but they would never get there. So sad for those guys, still.) Then I switched over to the nearest channel. It happened to be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Trezel Tarts!

Update: Barbera is dead. Lots of fun in front of the TV because of him. Check out this article about it. Is that the worst headline of all-time or what? It's like reading a Middle School newspaper. And look at the line at the bottom, starting with the word "Basically." What gives, Orlando Sentinel? (Oh, it's the "blog" section of the paper. I guess that explains it.)

Still fun, aren't those wonderful games? Whenever you have disc transfer capability, I'm ready to send you a treasure trove of 80s tapes...but being that they're 20 years old (what? Oh no...seems like weeks), maybe the dead of winter,whenever it does start to be cold, is not the best shipping temps for them. Spring training time? Sounds much better, and coming up soon. Hi to your parents. Happy healthy stuff to come.
Good or Bad, NESN plays them:

Unlike Al-Yankeezeera, where the record in Yankees Classics is perfect.

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