Wednesday, December 20, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz XI

What did Jere use to sign the Freedom Tower beam?

black Sharpie
Not the completely correct answer. Anyone can guess now, Kara doesn't have to wait.
one of those felt dry-erase markers?
black, medium-sized Sharpie?
The black sharpie Rich Gedman used to sign the ball that skipped by him, allowing Kevin Mitchell to score the tying run in Shea in game 6, which he inscribed, "TJ, Steamer '86," which you of course bought off of ebay for $3.99, plus shipping. You used that particular sharpie because to you, the Freedom Tower represents the freedom from the accusations of a "passed ball" Gedman suffered for so many years until the Sox won it all in '04. How far can your obsession go, Jere Smith, how far?
Kara, nope.

Matty, that's EXACTLY what the Freedom Tower represents to me. But wrong.
black mini-sharpie with lanyard?
Worcester Tornadoes black Sharpie.
Thank you.

Kara: 0.4 for getting the black sharpie part first.

JS: 4.6 points for the specific answer.

Nice job.
No partial on the Geddy bit? Harsh...
Despite that it was very good stuff, I was thinking that it really didn't add anything to "black Sharpie" as far as the answer went. But the Gedman obsession is the reason I got the Worcester marker. So.... Reid Nichols will get back to you on this. (I was just finally adding up the results from the first quiz season, and noticed I named Nichols as the "judge.")
My hope is in Reid Nichols? That guy's a douche and he hates me from way back...
Reid has taken note of your statement.

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