Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz X (With A Twist O' Lymphoma)

In what movie does orange juice come out of a person's finger?

Click here for the (supposed) good news on Jon Lester.

No. Never saw it, despite this dude DJ always telling me to. Is there an OJ/finger thing in it? If so, not the movie I was thinking of.
Beats me. I never saw the movie either. Just struck me like the kind of thing Terry Gilliam would just throw into a movie for the hell of it. :)
Zapped! starring Scott Baio?
Ha. Interesting guess. Not what I was thinking of.
Men in Black
Harry Potter?
Never saw it.
Naked Lunch?

With that, I'm off to Argentina.
"I can think of at least two things wrong with that title." -- Nelson Munz

Also, it's wrong.
Have a good trip!!!!!
My Life Without Me?
Holy shit. I was on the subway today, and there was this scary old man holding three VHS tapes, looking them over. He had just bought them from a place--as the logo on his bag told me-- called something like "Entertainment Emporium." I don't remember the exact name, but it said 40th Street as the address, which was close to where we both got on the train.

I really wondered what this guy's life was like--at least 70 years old, out on a Wednesday afternoon buying VHS movies, and who knows what else--it was a big bag with lots of bulk to it. He had the tapes resting on top when he put them back in.

One of those tapes: My Life Without Me.

Oh, you're getting points for that answer. But wrong.
Clockwork Orange?

Off subject: Jere, I had a dream the other night that you told me to meet Chan (who I know nothing about except that he pops up on your blog with a blue dot on his face... I think he is your roommate?). So we were at the street corner in the town I grew up in and there he was with you and Jene and some other people... Then a giant mack truck tipped over and was sliding towards us. We all got out of the way. There was some worry about it exploding but we were fine and then the dream changed direction and I was off somewhere else... Very random and kind of crazy. Just thought I'd mention it. Be on the lookout for wayward big rigs just in case.
No on Clockwork Orange Juice.

Wow, crazy dream. I'll let you know what my team of analysts say. For real.
I should quite while I'm ahead 2 points, but Requiem for a Dream?
More like 0.2 points, guy. No on R4.

Secret clue: The film is more than, let's say, 16 years old. STJ can guess now if he wants to.
Number Seventeen
Nope. I said 16, not 61. Oh, wait, you were going for the "he said 'more than 16, maybe he means the film is called 17" theory. Very nice work--and good for some tenths--but I can assure you, 16 was just a random number (that's lower than the age of the film. In years.)
Yes, that was my theory. My very wrong theory.
Naked Gun?
Someone guess so I can go again.
Random guess for STJ: The Worst Witch
No on T (W) squared.
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Apartment Zero? (takes place in Buenos Aires...have to stick with the theme)
Ghostbusters 2?
I saw a photograph today at the modern art museum here in BA where the artist was portraying himself as a pitcher of orange juice...does that work?
Edward Scissorhands
No on Apt. Zero, B&T 1, or busters 2.

OJ didn't do it. And he didn't use scissors.
Beetle Juice
No and no.
Cinematic masterpiece Uncle Buck.
No. I've been on the unluckiest UB streak. It's been on HBO a lot lately, and whenever I find it on, I get all psyched, only to find out it's just ending.

Space Balls
ha!!! : )
I'm at the point where I know I can say anything in any crazy way and cousin Kara will understand.
Pink Floyd The Wall
No, but I was watching The Wizard of Oz on TNT and Chan came in the room and he was like, "Do you want to borrow Dark Side of the Moon?"

Also, records indicate you just took two guesses in a row. Better wait two now. Not like anyone's getting this one anytime soon...
Oops, sorry. I will wait. I promise. Anyway, I am definitely not going to get this one by blindly guessing like I am doing now.
No on the 'hood.
Electric Grandmother?
Yeahhhh, that's what I'm talkin' about! The Electric Freakin Grandmother, a weird flick about a robot lady that...shot OJ out of her finger. Scary. Ladies and gentlemen, my cousin Mel's Bells, sister of Kara and Amy.

STJ: 0.2 points for the random coincidence

Witch City: 0.1 for being in the right area.

Kara: 0.1 for the great 17 guess.

Mel in NH: 4.6 points for actually getting it right.
Shut! Up! Mel, you rock! The one sister who never knows our pop-culture/movie references pulls "Electric Grandmother" out of left field!?! Amazing! (I don't even think she has ever watched Star Wars all the way through.)
There's so much you girls don't know about me...

By the way, Jere, "I don't play with kindergartners"
This is an utter aberration. Jere, you have no idea how cultural reference challenged Mel is. This can't be real.
Remember, though it's commonly thought that Kara is the closest cousin in age to me, it's actually Mel. So maybe that movie was specifically marketed to kids my age and kids one year ahead of me.

Or she's a very good Googler. (When I came up with the question, I tried Googling stuff to see how easy the question was. And it took me a while to come up with a reference to the finger-OJ.)

Mel, I still am a kindergartener, as you can see...but I have been sitting at the adult table at Thanksgiving lately.
I'd say she's a very good Googler. I tried Googling it several different ways and she still out-Googled me.

I am not sure why it is commonly thought that you and I are the closest in age considering you've got 4 years on me and she only has 1 on you. I think you got a "bum deal"* by being the only boy cousin and I got the other "bum deal"* by being the youngest cousin by a landslide... we kind of got lumped together. But I am glad about all of it.
(* Not really a "bum deal" on either count, but you know what I mean.)
I tried three different search engines and probably spend twenty minutes on this before just running through lists of movies released in 1989 and 1990. If she found that on Google I am very impressed.
Yeah, I know what you mean, Kara. Also, with Mel's blatant ostracization of me (see above-ha!), you were essentially the closest to me. Is it really four years, though? I thought 2 or 3. Then again, I do have clear memories of the "three New Hampshire cousins," and then you, the fourth, came along. So, yeah, I guess I coulda been four years old by then.

STJ: Sorry about the confusion on the 89-90 thing. I said "more than 16," so it really coulda been from any era before 90. It was like 82 I think.

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