Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'06-'07 Quix XII

In 1984, the "PG-13" rating was added to...the movie rating system. Before they chose "PG-13" there was another possible name for this new rating category. What was it? Clue: it was two initials.

Note: I remember hearing this from my friend, when I was eight years old, in the car on our way to see Ghostbusters in the theater. He also thought AfterMASH was called NewMASH, so he could've been full of crap. I can't find any mention of it on the web, either. So this could end up as a "pick any two letters" guessing game. But I'm okay with that. Also, there may have been a whole bunch of other options, but I only remember this one.

Clue, 1/6/07, 8:11 PM: The two letters rhyme with each other.

1st was G, Then PG, then, simply M
Uh, I don't follow you. But that doesn't get you any points.
ENP (Eh, No, Peg.)
I think your friend was full of crap; I found no mention whatsoever of anything on the internet pertaining to this, and I also talked to someone on the phone at the MPAA office here in DC and she'd never heard of such a thing, and she even put me on hold for five minutes to ask someone "who's been here longer" and they didn't know either...

But my next guess is SC
Amy: NO

Matty: LOL, and NO.

Well, if it's not true, like I said, oh well, what's 26 times 26? Minus 5. It's be fun.

Here's a clue: It does stand for something. You've all done a good job so far. I think I know what each guess meant. You should get it eventually, unless you start sayingcrap like "QQ."
Yeah, just like Matty, I was thinking that your 8-year-old friend was just making shit up. I read the wiki on movie ratings, and went to the MPAA official site, and there's absolutely no evidence that they ever considered anything but PG-13. With that said, I'll probably end up taking another three dozen guessed unless someone else gets it first.


I gotta figure he heard it from somewhere. I mean, he had a two-word phrase that sounded feasible. Someone will get to the bottom of this.
Could the Legion of Decency (the Catholic Church's censoring board) have weighed in with a new category.
In that case, I'd guess: NO
No on NO.
I'm gonna guess MC, which could stand for "Mature Content," "Mature Children," "Mild Caution," "Minor Cussing" or any number of things
Good guess, Fyootch. But incorrect.
Can I collect a royalty from Future for having already guessed 'MC' upthread? Who am I to talk, I'll probably do the same thing later on...

But this time I'm going with:

Oops....there I go already. Scratch 'PG', and make that guess PR.
You beat me to it. My next guess: "YA"
YA standing for "young adult."
No one guessed it yet.
And also with U. Nope.
...meaning "No Kids"
No, kids.

This is gonna a nice long one to take us into the All-Star Break. (12 down, 12 to go.) (Yes I know the real break isn't exactly halfway through the season.)
No. These are all very good guesses.
Got parents? Nope.
TC, and not like the helicopter flying dude on Magnum, PI
PO--wasn't that the sneaker cult guy? No PO.

No on Tom Caron.
Did I mention that I wore a Magnum, PI costume (Tigers cap, Hawaiian shirt, cheesy brown fake mustache) to a Halloween Party on the UES this year?

No, but you did describe the magnum outfit, which I'm sure our teenage readers will appreciate. Well, at least the people between the generation that watched it and the one that thinks it's cool in a retro way. What street? I think the reason I never ran into you and your now-wife is because Chan and I are too far north, in the 'burbs.

No on MTness.
Well, my wife's old apartment was on 79th and 2nd Ave, but the party was at her friend's apartment farther uptown in the 90's; I think it was on 92nd and 1st.

The thing is, the party actually had a disco theme, and I was thinking about going as a 1979 Pittsburgh Pirate, but couldn't find a cheap throwback jersey. So I ended up going from the wrong era. I was still a hit :)
Wow, a '79 Pirate. One of Earth's better entities. I'm sure Magnum still worked. Yeah, we could probably hear that party from our house.
No on SA.

Cloak & Dagger could've been rated SA for excessive San Antonio footage.
Dad says, RA: Restricted Audience.
Dad is wrong.

Who was this 8-year old friend of yours?
No on IM.

He can and will be contacted, after this is solved.

Cloak and Dagger was so underrated when you look at the hype and pop culture cred that The Goonies still receives - Jack Flack, Morris, the lady with three fingers, Davey - it was like a WarGames Junior.
I'm only interested in contacting him before this is solved.

Yeah! My 1st successful HTML tag!
TP, PA, AA: No cubed. Nice job on the italics. I still only use it with the easy button blogger has. In fact, you can tell when I was using a different browser because I was using caps instead of itals on this blog for a stretch there, even though I wanted to use itals. Because one browser doesn't have the shortcut button. I should just learn it already. I can get it with trial & error.

Some people might know who I'm talking about, and could secretly contact the person. But I kinda doubt he'd remember.
About Cloak & Dagger: great call! Seriously, why aren't kids wearing Morris T-shirts? (That is the cooler kids, who'd know to look beyond the Jack Flack shadow-outline shirts, in this fantasy world.) And Kimmie also played the little girl in Twilight Zone: The Movie. The one that messes with Lithgow on the plane. "You heard the captain. N! O! S! M! O! K! I! N! G! Nooooo smmoking!" And "You used to be a normal person!"

About the Cloak and Dagger thing...for years after that, I was afraid to walk under bridges, or into shady looking resevoir/riverbank type there a scarier line in a movie ever than when that guy says, "Time to pull out the heavy artillery" and they assemble the Mac-10 out of the Mac-10 suitcase with the foam inserts that are completely custom made to acommodate a Mac-10? I mean, seriously, that'll freak out an 8 or 9 year old even more than Dabney Coleman's mustache...and he was McKittrick in Wargames with that same bad mustache, and when I watch those two movies, I almost confuse I'm waiting for Jack Flack to ask Davey, "Who are you going to Paris with, kid?"

So anyway, my guess is "FU."
No on FU, no on CR. I always hated when he described how getting shot in the kneecaps is worse than dying. You just helped me solve a mystery, too. A few weeks back my GF and I watched Manhattan, the Woody Allen movie. The male co-star dude--I knew I knew him from some movie that I knew well, and it was killing me that I couldn't figure it out. I knew he was a villain. Now, checking the cast of C&D, I realized it was that guy, the main bad guy from C&D.
Solving a mystery! That's partial credit!

Next guess: OT, for "Over Thirteen"
Hey Jere, Matty just cursed you out. Time for another Cos/Theo-style smackdown!

I'll try the reverse of that: TO.

Her IMDB says that Christina Nigra (Lady Ace) was the first choice for "Out of this World", that show where Maureen Flannagan was the love child product of an alien and a human woman and had that crystal ball that she talks to her Dad.
PS That last guess was me. Stupid blogger cookies.
Out of this World: Nice. With Evie, and the mom who I think was that girl in Saturday Night Fever, who was repeatedly called the "c" word by Travolta. And Uncle Beeno. Woulda been crazy if Lady Ace had gone onto Evie stardom... I always wanted to stop time by putting my index fingers together. And make Chan spill milk or whatever by slightly moving the glass while he's pouring it.

No on OT, AB, TO.

I guess the new blogger doesn't like seconds. Every comment is right on a minute.

Don't worry, more fun with audio will be coming at some point.
1) UC "Use Caution"
2) AC "adult content"
AJM- WTF?!!! Jere started it!!!

IC- Inapropriate Content
I'd also like to request a rating for this quiz of "FQ"
lance, note: 1 answer at a time. Must wait til someone else guesses before you guess again. Although technically someone could get 50 guesses on a quiz while staying within the rules, and someone else only gets two, but breaks the rules. Not exactly fair to the ywo person. But those are the rules Reid Nichols has laid out for us. Anyway, both guesses are wrong, as IC.
OA- "Only Adults"
No on CT and OA. Matty, thanks for the comment over at the Marc O. blog. Keep 'em comin'.
Since I know who the 8-year-old friend is, I am having a devil of a time keeping myself from calling him and getting the answer. IF (big IF) he remembers what the hell you're talking about, Jere.
Think I'll have another guess:
Mrs Jeresmom, OT was already guessed...but totally give me that kid's number...

next guess: DF, for "Dumb Friend"

(kidding, just kidding...)but seriously...DF
No on DF, RC, AA.

We should get extra points if we can guess the 8 year old friend.
Jeresmom: Call me!

jfMatty: Sorry, but Jere's Cosby/Theo overdub smackdown was the funniest blog post of the year...I still chuckle about it. Just trying to goad Jere into doing another one.

AJM- That Cosby post is legendary at my restaurant. My servers and bartenders still talk about it, request to see it, mock it and imitate it. It has really reached the pantheon of blogdom...

Next guess is OF
No on JS, AC, OF, ET.

Wow, legendary. Nice. Good night, everybody!
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's not PC.
Oops, that was already guessed.

No AE.

This has to be something catchy.
No PR.
That would be Ms. Jeresmom, MattySox.
How about PG without the thirteen.
Uh-oh. My guess, yet again, was already guessed.
I'll try, PD (parental discretion.)
Mom--it was AJM who addressed you, referring to you knowing info about this quiz. Wouldn't PG without the 13 just be PG, which already exists?

No on PD.
One gets a little dizzy when comments approach 100. (Sorry AJM)
JR- "Junior R"

This friend of yours is getting a beatin'...
Interesting stuff. But no and no.
Actually Jere, I think your mom had it right the first was Matty who addressed her as "Mrs Jeresmom". Having bonded over our prior Argentina chat, I chose to go with the more familar "Jeresmom" :)

Oh, okay. Sorry, mom. No on big city DA.
No PP.
NM, for "No Minors"
DD, for "Dan Duquette"

His haircut might prove to be frightening to children under 13.
Good theory. But wrong. Remember, this was '84. He wasn't in the public eye yet. Come on.
It was probably IR, for "Includes Russians," as so many movies of the early 80's did. Red Dawn sure did...
Funny you should say that. Me and the friend saw Rocky IV in the theater the following year.

No on IR.
No on PK.
MS, for "Children under 13 must be accompanied by Bill Gates".

Yeah, I know, nobody had heard of Microsoft in '84 either. I'm just screwing around here until you give us a clue, or I can figure out how to google your friend.
No on MS. The only clue I'll give is that both letters in the answer have been used in the many guesses so far.
XC- "Extra Cool" and therefore not suited for dorky 8-year-olds who like to invent abbreviations in an attempt to piss off and frustrate a bunch of equally dorky thirty-somethings he'll never meet later in life...

I said both letters HAVE been used.

Also note: This kid was never called dorky. I was way more dorky.
Clearly we've reached the point where I need to hire someone to invent a time machine. I'll go back to that fateful showing of Ghostbusters back in 1984, and easedrop on Jere's then-8-year-old friend making some shit up about how the MPAA was considering something else before settling on PG-13. This will result in either:
a) my getting the correct answer, returning to 2007, and getting full credit, or
b) 8-year-old Jere being so creeped out by the old guy sitting behind him at the movie theatre and listening intently to his conversation that he represses entirely any memory of having seen Ghostbusters or his friend's claim, which will cause this quiz to cease to exist.

So, in other words, either way there's no downside, other than the many other possible ramifications of having messed with the time/space continuum. But hey, if my plan alters history and causes earth to be conquered by supremely intelligent chickens from another solar system in 1996 or something, so be it. Sometimes you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Wrong on MP.

That's funny. However, if you arrive during the movie, you'll be frustrated, because he actually tells me on the way into the theater from the car. Or possibly earlier during the car ride. So go back a little further than planned if you do it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
No on your deleted guess, no on BJ.
Sorry on the delete. I realized that the Q hadn't been used. As for the last, you said earlier.."It's not PC". I was going for maybe that was a hint.
D'OH! TJ by me on the time travel; now I'll have to send a 2nd AJM back to 1984 to complete the mission, and at the same time avoid the first AJM. Hopefully I won't run into Marty McFly, or things could really get screwed up. Say hello to our new chicken overlords.

Don't forget the banana peel for the flux capacitor (for the return trip).
Cluck cluck, cluck, no on Cluck Cluck. No on Cluck Cluck, and "It's not PC" was not a cluck.
No and no.
SR, for 'sorta restricted'.
No BO.

SR's been said. I remember because I was gonna respond "So Rong" but didn't. Take another shot.
FT FT FT. Wimpy wimpy wimpy.

FJ- for "Future Jere"
OG, Original Gangsta?
No Future me, no Future Gere, no OG Original Gangsta.
Pull the plug, hand out the partials let's move on...or, RP, for "Requires Parent"
No PU, no plug, no partials, no RP, no RV, no AS.
OK (for older kids?)
I got it...Chris Rock!

Oh, wait, wrong quiz. Never mind.

MD...Children under 13 must be accompanied by a doctor.
No OK, no MD. Funny Chris Rock.
No MR, no CA.

Clue coming in a few minutes.
Here's the clue: The two letters rhyme with each other.
Nothin' yet.
Hey, hey, hey. You gotta wait for two more guesses now, Matty.
JA! Amy nails it! Great job.

I have to say, great call by Kara on IY. I went through the alphabet in my head to see which letters rhymed, and I missed those two. I just had the E letters, plus AJK, and QUW. Matty was the only other person to guess in the AJK family.

Anyone care to guess what JA stands for?
Juveniles Admitted...
No. Anyone else?
Nice job, Amy.

Junior Achievement?
Jere Admitted?
Juniors and Adults?
Just Adolescents?
YES! I don't know what it stands for. Juvenile Audience?
Juvenile Advisory?
Juvenile Antics?
Junior Adult. According to, you know, the man. When he was a boy. Point totals and more to follow.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I was gonna give a full five to the winner...until I gave the clue. So, everybody gets 0.1 and Amy gets the rest:

AJM, Matty, Kara, Future, Save, Leggett, Mom, Lance: 0.1

Amy: 4.2
Cool. I'm 0.1 points ahead of Mel-and that's all that really matters to me! ;-)
The original 8-yr-old has been asked about the remark. He doesn't remember anything about it.

I will one day find proof of JA!

To be continued.....

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