Sunday, November 05, 2006


This doofus predicted Santa Clause 3 would blow Borat away at the box office.

I don't know about you, but I made sure to get my Borat tickets as early as I possibly could. I would've got them last Monday, only Chan and I had to wait to find out about the plans of Gumby, who was in town--from his jolly ol' fun mission of transporting wounded troops from Iraq to Germany--this weekend. I kept pressuring Chan to get the info, and come Thursday, we had our tickets for Friday night, with some shows already sold out on Fandango.

I saw it in a packed theater, Brian in Danbury, CT saw it in a packed theater, and my girlfriend reported being shut out of tickets up in Mass. My point is, I fully expected it to be the number one movie. If I knew that a Santa Clause flick was coming out, that only would've made me more sure.

As it turns out, I was right.

Borat WINS!

I will talk more about this film once more people have seen it.

High five.

Mom here, from Hawaii. S'nice. Enjoyed the marathon pix--funny not watching it live from nearby CT.
Saw an entire family this morning in their Red Sox gear; the dad had a shirt that said Senor Papi on the front and the back was standard. Wonder where he got it. The New York Times reviewer found the Borat butt scene a (to put it mildly) distraction. We're going to see it in a couple of days. Did you hear about the new one he's making?
Glad you're enjoying Ha-Y-E. I also saw Red Sox clothes today, but I do pretty much every day.

I guess I know what he means by "distraction," but when a scene makes you laugh non-stop to the point where you're crying and out of breath, how can you criticize it?

What new one?

Did you know his cousin is a psychologist who specializes in autism-related stuff?
And Jere, (and your Mom-hi!), you left out that the film only played on a little more than 800 screens. EVERY theater was filled to the brim with laughing screaming people. I loved it! The new 007 film is so great too. That's what I wrote about in my last post...I was floored!
My cousin that lives in NYC asked me on Saturday if I'd seen it, and was pissed to find out I had because he said he was shut out of every screen in new york. We barely got in in Ffld.

I had no doubt it'd win. Seemed like everyone was going to see it.
All the theaters here in central CT. were sold out. And that was nice to see.
What new one?

Just guessing, but I'm pretty sure I heard he was going to make a Bruno movie next.

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