Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vote For Joy

Vote for Joy of Sox here. Category 13: Best Sports Blog. In Canada. VOTE EVERY DAY.

Joy of Sox, as you may know, is done by a dude who lives in Canada. So even though he blogs about the Red Sox, he's still eligible for the Canadian Blog Awards. He has made it to the finals, and is up against four other blogs. During round one, I kind of thought Joy Boy would win in a rout. His is the most popular Sox blog, and once he put up a link to vote for himself, I thought it was all over. In fact, the reason I didn't put a link up here is because I thought in might be unfair, and add insult to injury. However, some dude's blog about the basketball team in Toronto got more than twice as many votes as Joy did in Round 1. And some hockey blog beat him, too. So now it's time to make the wrong right.

You can vote once a day. Voting ends next Friday. The votes are all cleared back to zero going into this second and final round, so all blogs are starting from the same point. Voting suggestions:

Vote from your home and work computer. Once a day.
Tell each of your co-workers to vote. Every day.
Vote from their computer when they're at lunch if they refuse. Every day.
Vote from each computer at your local computer store or online cafe. Every day.
Offer to feed your neighbor's cats, then vote from their computer each day that you're there, right after feeding said cats.
Ask your local Republican politicians for tips on fixing vote counts.
Get creative.
Pass this on to all your Joy of Sox-loving friends and make him the winner.

Thank you.

I just went over and voted for Allan. I actually met him back in 2001 at a very early NYC SoSH get together at a bar called No Idea, which was kinda sorta the predecessor to the Riviera. Also bought a copy of his book on the 1918 Sox, which was very good.
Nice. That's really cool. I never did get his book. I totally should.
About the voting. It shows the results in a secret fashion. One blog was ahead by a bunch, with two others going even for second. Just now I checked, and one of the two has closed in. It's 52-47. I'm hoping Joy is in second and closing in due to votes from here. I will test this at some point after midnight. I'll look at the totals, vote, then look again, to see which one moved up 1 notch. But it would get confusing if two end up being neck and neck. Also, I'll repost about this Monday and beyond.
The leader just picked up two more votes in the last few minutes, now 54-47. I feel like Newman in The Sting when he asked if anyone's been passing any counterfeit bills lately, but, Has anyone been voting for Joy lately?
Now 57-47! Maybe a lot of people getting in their last second vote before midnight? This is fishy. Now I hope it's Joy with the 57. I'll find out in a few minutes, when 12:00 goes by.
71-51 now. The leader is on a 19-4 run. I hope it's Joy. My research was inconclusive, but if my vote shortly after midnight counted, the next contestant to move up after that was the leader, which would make him #1, and up by a cool 20 right now. (Granted, with six DAYS of voting left.) But maybe the "day" doesn't start til 6 AM, like in Groundhog Day.
I voted this morning, Sunday.....nice of you to post the link. J of S is a great blog....
Nice job. It's currently 100-53. That's a 48-6 run by whoever the leader is. Either me posting that totally worked, or totally didn't work. I'll try my little test again tonight at midnight to see if I can figure it out.

Someone did suggest to Allan that he does a post on SoSH to get votes. If he did, then he's in the lead. (I won't even go to SoSH to even attempt to check. I'll never figure out how to even glance at that site. I'm sure I'll type in the address and it will say "that site isn't viewable by you, Jere.")
Yeah, I was just over there, and he has a post up soliciting votes in one of the private forums. So it's very likely that it's him in the lead.

Your work here is done, Jere.
Now a 58-6 run. Gotta be him. Especially with the SoSH thing. You never know, though, the Raptors guy might have something up his sleeve. He might belong to Sons of Sam Mitchell or something. I'll monitor the voting and post if Raptor boy starts gaining at any point. But it looks like Joy will end up with 82 per cent of the votes by Friday at this rate.
What a cool post! It just about makes up for not reading Allan's book. The book is great, btw. And I'm not just saying that because I edited it. It's something all Red Sox fans should read.

Thanks for these voting tips. You are great.
No problem.
Thanks, Jere. You're a riot. Are you going to offer play-by-play on this until Friday?

One question I did have, though: I didn't see a button for only the results. So if you refresh every time to see the updated results, are you voting again (which would be against the rules)? I emailed the guy and asked but have not heard back.

I did start a thread at SoSH -- and hope the jokers who will vote for NASCAR as a goof will be outnumbered.


AJM -- who are you? (I remember that No Idea game. Manny singled up the middle of off Fruitbat to win it.)
i started begging at SoSH late last night (11PM-ish)

at 8am the votes were:

now it's:

hmmmm .....

i'm taking this way too seriously.
You just click "submit vote." It will say "You've voted already, your vote was not added," but you'll still get to see the new results. Or, once you've got the results page up, just keep it open and refreshit whenever for the new totals. That makes perfect sense that it was 11 last night. That's when that one random entry's total started skyrocketing.

You guys met, then, the day I got engaged. To my ex. Who I never did marry.
Oh, and, yeah, good race for fourth place. I'm also following the Best Religious Blog race. (Because it's right above Best Sports Blog.) Tight race there.
TO ALL: When you vote for me, vote for "Idealistic Pragmatist: Jack Layton's sinister mind control experiment" for #14.

****You guys met, then, the day I got engaged. To my ex. Who I never did marry.****

Oh wait, one of those religion blogs has pulled away. They must have posted something about it on the "Joel and Abijah" message board. (They were the sons of Samuel in the bible. I looked it up just for that joke. Also, Sam Mitchell is the coach of the Raptors.)

Manny hit up middle to win game: I got engaged that day. We never got married. We broke up.
The trend over the last few hours shows a levelling off of Joy's votes. He's up 11-10 in the last 21 votes. This reminds us that we must be vigilant. There's a long way to go. Vote every day!
I just checked the SoSH thread and it has 210 views. Which means mostly nothing.

It may not be JoS in the top spot, you know.
I know all too well. See above. I am guessing it is, though. This can be easily tested. I tried last night at midnight. I looked at the totals, then voted, and checked the new totals. They were the same. I refreshed twice, and finally the top blog moved up. However, I never did check the top of the page to see if it said "Thanks for your vote" or "You already voted." So maybe the "day" didn't change until later, and that was someone else's vote I saw. Or maybe it was mine and it just doesn't keep track in real time. I'll try again tomorrow. We all should try this to get a definitive answer.
But still, less than half of that 210 would have had to have voted for you, and that's very possible.
Round 2 voting is looking quite consistent with round 1's. THAT's not a good sign. Hmmmm...
Just reloaded the results page, and the "You already voted" message disappeared, but the leader's total went up by 4, and no others moved. I'm back to thinking Joy is in the lead. Currently 154-67.
I'm pretty sure it's me also, but you never know. ... Donuts are on me if I win!

I tried voting from a different computer at work tonight -- one that is a general computer -- and I got the "you already voted" message. WTF? Is there only one IP address for the whole firm?
I just voted, too. From work. Results said 179-74. I immediately hit reload and it went to 180-74. Another sign that we're winning.

On the rivalry front, our bitter enemy, Raptor Blog, hasn't posted since Thanksgiving Day, and won't post again until Wednesday! Gold!

Stay strong, people. Vote every day. Canada's sports-bloggers mustn't be misrepresented!
Joy (we think) currently on a 128-37 run.
Of the 20 categories, Joy has the fourth largest lead, percentage-wise, and only six other blogs (outside the Best Blog category) have a greater vote total than JoyBoy.
Now 181-80. A 6-1 run for Raptor boy?? Again, just keeps us on our toes.
"AJM -- who are you? (I remember that No Idea game. Manny singled up the middle of off Fruitbat to win it.)"

jfAllan/redsock: I doubt you would remember me; I think we only chatted for a minute or two, but I was pretty much standing in the middle of that back room for most of the night. And yep, it was this game:

I remember it kinda felt being in a speakeasy in the 20's; a bunch of guys in the back room rooting on the Sox against the Yanks, while nobody in the main bar area was the wiser...
185-90. 16-5 run for Rapty.
Jere said...
I just voted, too. From work. Results said 179-74. I immediately hit reload and it went to 180-74. Another sign that we're winning.

Cool. But it is now (at 12:56 pm) 191-98. (#2 Blog on a 24-11 run.)
Got one back in the last few minutes. I'd like to see the lead get over a hundred and stay steady there. Should it drop to, say, under 50, we'll have to act. Until then, hold the line. Wow, the full Tala pic.
Tala is amazing! (We brought the bandana as a present and left it with her.)

Are you going to get any actual work done this week, Jere? I mean, besides acting as my campaign manager.

Rapty and JoyBoy, huh?
The earlier Tala picture was from her adoption webpage.

The sitting one is one I took on Saturday.
What's work?
Sometimes, I like to look at blogger's archives and check out their first few posts. Two good ones from Jere:

Monday, March 1, 2004
"And you know that this year, without a doubt, is THE year. You know that you said that last year, but this year, this is the one. Why else would it be so warm today?"

Thursday, March 11, 2004
"I can't wait for that $200 million pile of crap in the Bronx to self-destruct in history-making fashion."
Nice job, me! Glad you looked that stuff up, that's cool. I must say, my archives from all of '04 contain some awesome things that turned out to be prophetic or whatever. Like when we got Dave Roberts and I said it was a "steal."
201-116. 42-21 run by the Raptors. So, since this morning, he's doubling Joy (more like the rate of round one.)

This tells me there's a good chance Rappy McGee catches JoS in a few days. Like, the SoSH people saw the thing, voted once, and are forgetting to go back each day. Is the lead big enough now so that he doesn't catch him by Friday? Or will we have to take drastic action? We will see.
Sorry--been busy, uh, writing.
228-133 now. The lead has been hanging in the eighties for most of the afternoon and into evening. Both squads have been running even after Rappy's inexplicable AM push.

I like that it's up to 95 now. Real tight race for third all of a sudden, too.
235-138. I've been rooting for a 100-point lead by midnight. Getting close.
240-147. 93 point lead at midnight. It had gotten up to 99, but Raptor-matic '76 made a little run. And I'm pretty sure it's official now. I reloaded, the "You already voted" message disappeared, and the leader's total went up by one. So Joy is the leader. I think.
Just voted before heading off to slumber. 12:26 AM.

Blog Awards Guy wrote me back: "Refreshing the results page won't recast the vote."

Cool. (Cuz Jere would have disqualified me for sure otherwise.) Now I can refresh 50x a day without worrying.

Hey, Campaign Manager: You think I should post on other Red Sox boards?
Maybe a Wednesday AM post on We'll see how Tuesday goes and meet back in the war room to talk about future strategies. Watch for a spike for Pat Rapp-tor after he returns on Wednesday.

Oh, and call me Stan the Caddy.

245-149 at 12:38 AM. Today was basically a wash. But we killed a day's worth of clock.
We took the overnight vote, 9-8. 254-157 now. Way to keep the midnight oil burning, third shift.
I was just about to post that. 255-157.

(We need one of those countdown clocks to the end of voting.)
Just put in my "work vote" to make it 264-162.
274-175. Lead still hovering around the century-mark.
280-180. 11 total votes in last 3 hours. 23 in 3 hours prior. Things are quieting down. But staying even, with the 100-point lead. I wonder if all the "only vote once and then not think of it ever again" market has been tapped. Seems like there are less votes with each passing day.

I also wonder about the two running even for so long now. Weird.
I have a feeling the SoSh solicitation was a double-edged sword...I suspect it gave lots of votes both to JoS and the prime competition.
It makes sense that things have quieted down after the initial opening of voting.

I wondered if some SoSHers would get cute and vote for someone else, but I figured there wouldn't be that many of them and you can only vote once per day, so no great harm would be done.

A 100 point lead with only 460 total votes between us is huge.

The trick will be to get people to go back on Thursday and Friday.

If only some wild Red Sox news would break tomorrow, leading to many people checking out the blog and then heeding the call to vote.

Let's go, Theo!!! Do something!!!
The weirdest thing is that I have absolutely no idea who nominated me.

I went to vote in Round 1 for my partner Laura's blog we move to canada -- and saw JoS in the sports category. Quite a surprise!
Well if you two haven't figured it out by NOW, jeesh.....

I doubt anyone would've seen the SoSH thing and voted for the competition.
299-198 at sleepy time.
"I doubt anyone would've seen the SoSH thing and voted for the competition."

You don't know SoSH very well, do you? A lot of guys there prides themselves on their abilities to be jerks. The fact that Allan posted it in the private 'anything goes' forum only increased the likelihood they would do it.
It was you?

The SoSH thread belongs where I put it. It absolutely does not belong in the main Sox forum. More tarffic there, but it doesn't offer any Sox content.

11-10 overnght to make it:

Oh, I wasn't saying it belonged on the main Sox board, but putting it in P&G kinda left you open to the pranksters. The best place might have been the Looking for Help or Members Only forums, but of course then you wouldn't haven't gotten nearly as much traffic. In the end, it probably won't determine the outcome.
313-210. Note: Joy was offered (in his blog's comments) the suggestion to put a post up in P & G. I don't know if that was some random SoSHer who proposed that or some official guy.

I also shouldn't know what "P&G" means, as I definitely don't know much about SoSH, because they've kept me out of there like there's some kind of forcefield around it, but I do remember when I used to at least look at the site seeing Pin-something and Gutter-something, and thinking, Wow, it really is true about (upper) New Englanders and their love of candlepin bowlin'.

Was it me who nominated JoS? I ain't sayin' nothin'.
327-221. Biggest lead I've seen. CNN is calling it for Joy.
CNN? Shit. ... Well, it ain't Fox. (Though it's close.)

Pinsetting & Gutterballs. And the guy who suggested the thread is a regular poster: ToeKneeArmAss.
348-271. Lead down to 77.

Rut roh.

What should I do, Stan?
Down to 75. My team of experts is working on the situation.

Damn that CNN! I just removed the link I had up to our possible new rival, Alberto Mousse. I don't want anyone getting any ideas. James Mirtle, (fourth/fifth place-type) is over at Alberta commenting on the situation. The Mirtle fans could all join the Alberta camp. we need to do a test to see exactly who's in second. But it will cost us a vote!
Lead now under 70 points. We've got to get to the source of this madness and cut off it's head. I searched Raptors message boards with no luck. I just had Chan vote from his computer, and immediately refreshed the results on mine. Now I am totally sure: Joy is in first. His vote made it 355-290. I gotta figure this big push starts slowing down. If it doesn't, we may be in trouble. Especially if all these people today vote tomorrow, while our side has forgotten all about it. Lead went down 40 points in 7 hours. We'll see what midnight brings. At this rate midnight might actually help us. Because maybe wherever these new people are coming from, they're still discovering it, so some might not even get there until after midnight, as opposed to those who find it late tonight, stay up til after 12, and vote again.
65? WTF????

I wish I knew when the voting ends on Friday. Is it at midnight when Friday turns to Saturday? If so, we have about 49.5 hours to go. ... Do we have a big enough lead to run out the clock?

Tomorrow is Thursday. I'll have to make a big push at JoS. If everyone that visited the blog tomorrow voted, I'd more than double my vote total. (Fucking readers can't take 10 seconds out of their busy day to make me happy??? Argggg.)

Alright, calm down .....


Losing this fake award after being up by 100 votes will really annoy me. Fuck, this better not be like Zimmer/1978!
366-303 now. You had to mention '78, didn't you? Remember, though, the Sox had the real comeback to tie it up just to get to the playoff in the final week.

Yeah, terrible job by the site for not saying when the voting ends! They could be fixing this. If they're favorite needs more time, they'll just extend the voting period. "Hey, we never said midnight..."

Let's reassess the situation in the morning tomorrow. This groundswell almost appears to be letting up. It's kind of hovering above 60. Maybe it will start going the other way now.

366-304 now. Please don't let it get below 60.

If it does end Thurs night at midnight, we're in good shape, considering the lead has gone down by 40 in 11 hours, and then you don't count the overnight, not much ground can be made up there, and then... I don't know. We'll keep an eye on it.
Crap. That 671st vote went to them. They're one away from being within 60. If that happens, the crowd will really get into it. We may need a quick TO here.
Got one back. 367-305. Every vote is critical.
They retaliate quickly. 367-306.
Serious lull in the 1-2 race. But 3-4 is a scorcher. 3 just scored a vote to go up by two. It must be tough to root in that situation, because every time there's a tie, you lose track of where each blog is. Still a 61* point lead for Joy. Next vote, again, is we approach midnight. The late bird may catch the worm here...
Crap. 60 point lead, 7 minutes to midnight.
Back up to 61. Very key vote there.
They fire back. 368-308. About to hit midnight, and, I think, a bunch of votes. For both sides. Hopefully more for the good side.
And my OWN vote goes through, 369-308. It's Thursday in Canada, folks.
Their first vote of the new day comes in, and it's right back to a 60 point ballgame.
I'm gonna watch South Park and reload again in a half hour. Oh, wait, one more update: 370-309. 61 again.
That #370 was me.

We may get a bump from some people at the ProJo board. Probably won't see anything until mid-morning.

HOLD THE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After this display by us, I wonder if Laura's kind of glad she didn't make round 2...

370-310. Ooh, now 371-311. Tit for tat. They're stubborn, but we refuse to let it go under 60. Never thought I'd say it, but I'd kill for those 80-ish point lead days right about now.

Note: I lied about waiting a half hour to check the votes.

Uh oh, 371-312. 59, people. Votes coming in fast and furious.
'nother sigh of relief: 372-312.
373-312. A nice vote there to help me get some sleep. Big day tomorrow.
Sure enough, I gamble with it, waiting for the next vote, and it goes the other way. 373-313. Now, do I cut my losses, and go to bed half-happy, or play double or nothing and wait up?

Oh, you Canadian Blog Awards, you do this to me ev-- this year.
Shit! 373-314! Now I definitely have to stay up to see it get back to 60.

Shit again. 373-315. What a horrible time for a 3-0 run by them. 58 point lead. This is getting super-scary.
Okay, going to bed. At least I saw these bad votes go through now instead of finding out in the AM. That's how I'll look at it.

105-101 battle for third now.

Best Photo/Art blog: Great race. 12 votes separates the top four candidates.


But another 7-8 hours off the clock.

(Is it too late in the campaign to go negative on Raptorbreath? I've been hearing some wild rumours.)
My "work" vote makes it 391-329. Up 62. Things looking slightly upward.
I gotta believe Raptor is NOT second place, since he hasn't posted in over a week now. I think it's Alberta. Ooh, 393-329! Two quick ones for Joy.
Alberta's 2 hours behind. Further helps explain the huge push from his camp yesterday. He hasn't gotten the same push today--but he hasn't posted yet today. We'll keep an eye on his space and we'll react quickly if he makes a move.

The guy at the Battle for Alberta blog wrote this:

"It looks like this: RaptorBlog went out to about a 100-vote lead before Andy noted on Monday morning what was going on; since then, the margin has stayed the same."

Could this be true?

Could the dwindling lead actually be JOS making a move?

Either way, we need votes -- and lots of 'em.
No, no, we're in first. I've verified twice.

He thinks he's in second and made aremark about basketball meaning he still thinks he's chasing Raptor.

His post today came at 11:30 and that's right when the lead started shrinking again. (And when I left the office. But I'm back now and ready to do a new post.)
401-361. Unbelievable. 40 point lead. you gonna start Parnell or Galehouse?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
409-371. Formula 409 style. TV-38 point lead. I've confirmed, for the third time, that Joy is in first, by having someone vote while I watched the results.
409-372. 37 point LEEd.
We're on a 4-0 run since our last action was taken.
(Blue Cats and Red Sox aka Sam put up a blurb, plus my new one, plus I put in a plea to some other bloggers.) That's the "action."
413-373 as Alberta gets one back.
The good news about Alberta is that he posts a lot, so his plea got buried quicky. And maybe his current swell starts to lessen now.
I can't wait to comment on his site, right when the voting ends, and tell him he just lost to someone different than he thought. Now lets' make the "lost" part a reality.
414-374. We're in a nice hold-steady right now. My confidence is back up.
423-386. Votes pouring in for both sides.

165-96 run for Alberta since the huge lead Wednesday midday, cutting a 106 point lead to 37.
427-326! Great time for a 4-0 run!
The battlecats of Alberta fire back with a solo blast, 427-327. 40 point game.
Laura points out this it's late November.

The mercy rule would have been in effect if this poll was taken during baseball season.

Go me!
Lost a post.

Good dgo pci!
The 4-0 run has been answered with a 3-0 run.
Quashed. Back up to a Greenwell/Stern/Florie lead.
429-392 = 37.

Where are all these people coming from?
Shit, we're back to the Spaceman, 429-392. It did get down to 36 at one point, though. If we get into the twenties it's panic time.
Just from today's Alberta post. It HAS to die down. I have an e-mail in with HQ to see when this damn thing actually ends.
Now it is 36. 429-330.
And as fast as I type that, another for "them." 429-394. (Above I meant to say 429-393, not 330. Wishful thinking.)
430-394. I'll call Chan at work and see if he can throw in a vote. (The best part is, if he votes against JoS just to mess with me, he's only got a 1 in 4 shot of voting for the second-place blog.
431-394. Momentum starting for us. Let's keep it going.
Are you saving that RSN post until tomorrow morning?

3-1 Joy Ride makes it 432-395.
Re Chan - but if he reads this, he'll know who we think is #2.

Laura thinks the voting ends at midnight Friday night.

I work tomorrow until midnight, and it's usually slow, so I'll likely be hitting refresh every 30 seconds for the final 3 hours or so.

Our election coverage: "Redsock is hotter than a griddle cake in a oven full of tomcats." (/rather)
I emailed you re: RSN. It won't let me post, even though I'm logged in, but I did reply to something unrelated, and that post is still the latest one posted in that category, so people can click there and then click my website (though I just checked statcounter to find out no one has even done that yet, I don't think.)

Just got an email from the officials. I kid you not, hhis answer was: Voting ends at midnight eastern. So I asked him again if that means tonight or tomorrow night. Technically, by that answer, it would mean tonight, but I think he meant Friday night.

435-395! Nice run!
436-395! Love to see it closer to 50 than 30...

That could've been Chan's vote. (Note, he never reads my blog, he wouldn't know who's in second.)
437-395. I really wanted that vote to go the good way. I willed that one. 42 point lead instead of 40. Key.
444-401. I like it. We'll have a post up on shortly, pleas here, at Joy, at Blue Cats, and on SoSH from before.

Make it 445-401.
There will also be something up at soon. (Empy posted my plea up at, thanks to her).

Update: Voting officially ends Friday night at midnight. From the pony's mouth.
447-403. It's an Ahmad from Bad News Bears lead.
447-406. Ouch. The nerve of Alby. Three votes in a row. Come on.
We've been playing even for the last 5 hours. I like that.
We've been playing even for the last 5 hours. I like that.
448-406. Back to Jack.*

*A 42, or Jackie Robinson, lead.
Just posted a plea on the Surviving Grady board. Not sure how much traffic that gets in November, though.
4 for me, 5 for him.

Excellent call, pouring some SuGr on this race. They are really popular. The other mega-popular Sox blog besides yours.

One last update from me til later tonight: 453-411. Back to Jack. By the way, watch #3. Whoever it is has picked up 15 votes in the last half hour or so. I remember because they were 6 ahead of last place, with #4 in between, and now they're 22 ahead. Good thing they're so far behind the big dogs. Another reload, another vote for them. If they somehow keep up this rate...well, let's worry about the matter at hand.
SG has to be *way* more popular than JoS. Soxaholix, too. Though all 3 of us do very different things.

And SG gets a shitload of comments, plus they have their own message board.

The % of commenters to visitors at JoS is really low. Not sure why.
Also emailed the SG guys. One of them (Red) liked my political blog, so maybe they'll give me a shoutout tomorrow.

Down to (the lower) 48.

Just checked Statcounter. If everyone who visited the blog today cast a vote tomorrow, I'd clear 1,000 easily.

461-414 (47).

Damn lazy Americans.
461-417 -- down to 44.

461-419 -- down to 42.


Sinking like the proverbial rock .......
Finally, a vote for freedom and justice.


... on that note, off to more wine and a movie.
466-423. 42. Same as when I left for dinner, works for me. Off to watch the American Office for the first time.
Loving the running commentary. I've been really slacking in my blog reading, but when I finally found out about this I started voting (that's still only like, three votes though). Good luck redsock!
469-427. Wow, my math above was INcorrect. TJ by me. Now it's 42. Watching Am. Office. On a commercial.
472-427. Nice little 3-0 run.

Thanks, Finy!
Well hey hey hey. Three right back to Bat Albert. 472-430.
hello, finy!

just watched "nine queens" -- good con-game movie. not mamet's "house of games", but good.

482-435. 10-5 run by us. huzzah!
A 3-2 run puts it at 485-437.

48. Steady as she goes.

Bedtime. I'll cast my Friday Home vote in the AM.

24 hours and 40 minutes to go.
Okay. I've got something special for my blog that will be up soon.

It's also a 9-4 run.
6-2 run for them, 492-445.

It was a 58-point lead last night when I went to bed, at exactly this time, and now it's 47. And we worked hard to keep it to just that. Not bad considering it got as low as 36, that I saw.

Third-Placey McGee is making another run now. They've only got 159, but it's going up at a high rate. I remember they stalled out at 149 pre-midnight. Ten votes in an hour, not bad.

Still 492-445 with 22 hours, 56 minutes to play. Up to 160 for third place person. A quick reload, and it's 161. Amazing. A day late and a dollar short for them, I'm afraid...

Good night.
My home vote puts it at 509-455.

54-pt lead.
I see that Red at Surviving Moron has included a bit in his random notes post this morning.

That might seal the deal.
My work vote makes it 525-457.

A 25-4 run.

Back up to a 76 point lead.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!
I sure hope none of the other candidates are as nutty as we/I are/am.

It would be bad for their mental health.

88 pts.
Voted at work on the back end of a 14-4 run:


11 hours to victory.
Since sunrise, we've been on a 67-23 gallop.

Lead almost back to 100.
579-478. Depeche Mode 101.
Somebody threw down a finski. (2 1/2 two-nies?) 585-480.
It's been two days since Bat Albert poted about voting. They screwed themselves today by not doing a post. You'd think between the two of them (two dudes do it, plus someone named Sacamano-ha!- who doesn't seem to post) they'd have gotten a post up about it today. Both Matt (who we'll call Mushmatt) and Andy (who we'll call Weird Andy) have posted today, neither mentioning the vote. And they've posted so much other stuff, you have to scroll way down to see the vote talk. They are done. RaptorBoy screwed himself from the beginning, the Nascar people are trying hard, but with little to show, and James Mirtle's too busy with his newspaper gig.
Sorry, they also mentioned it briefly at the bottom of their 9:36 AM post yesterday. It's still way down there, though.

However, an inexplicable 6-0 run for the Hocksby Kids makes it 585-486. Ooh, but a 3-1 run on my last reload puts Joy further up, at 588-487. Another reload puts it at an even C-note, 588-488.
FYI: Statcounter sez 46 people have gone to JoS from SG today.

Yeah, during the season, I can usually count on ten people a day coming here from there. They are really popular. It's their achilles heel when it comes to me...I see 300 comments and I run away screaming. Like, who's gonna hear what I have to say over there? And I don't go to their borad because, well, I don't like boards in general. But whenever I read their blog, it's usually pretty funny. 594-491.
We cracked 600 before #2 broke 500.


"Respect mah authori-tie!"
A small 5-9 bump brings us to:


#2 on a 26-9 run. Hmmmm.

85 pts. ... 6.5 hours to go.
What is going on?

624-573 (51)




Alberta believes he's in 2nd and is pushing hard.

Put up another post at JOS and commented at SG and wmtc. Posting any more at SOSH will likely backfire at this point.

Helplessly watching the results ..... another 4 points gone ...

Alberta commenters think RaptorBlog is leading.

His surge has to level off soon, right?

We can't let "The Texas of Canada" take this thing.
My JOS post outs me as believing I am leading.

Not sure if Alby will drop by to see what's up.

1-1 puts us at 626-579.

I need a drink.
Another 4 for both: 630-583.
I get 4, he gets 5.

But perhaps the surge is ebbing. 634-588.

46 vote lead with 263 minutes to go.
Hi. I'm here. I just took a long train ride. Wow--see that, it was their own fault for not paying attention.
637-589, as I just voted from a new computer. I don't think they have the bodies.
It's hockey season -- that works against JoS.

Edmonton and Calgary are both off tonight -- that probably helps.
It's Friday night, they gotta go out eventually. It's only 6 out there, though. Still--dinner!
46 point lead, 4 hours to go.
I'm actually out for the night at 8:30. So, I'll do one more post on my blog...
It's Friday night, they gotta go out eventually.

They do? Let's hope they don't swing by any internet cafes.

I'm actually out for the night at 8:30.

So I'll be talking to myself for 3 hours. ... Have fun.
35 point lead. I jut did a new post, but that's the last thing I can do. I'm outta here. Good luck!!!!!!!
Lead ... shrinking ... 644-621.

23 with 3 hours left.

I feat this will not end well.
105 point lead at 1:52 pm
23 point lead at 9:00 pm





If this thing gets tied, we'll have no way of knowing who is leading.
It's now the 2nd closest race on the board.

Entertainment has an 11 vote diff.
13 votes separate us -- with 120 minutes to go.

Meanwhile, Carefree Jere is off romping around town, laughing and having a grand old time.
back to 13

660-648 = 13.

14 minutes off the clock. 84 minutes to go.
BoA may have shot its wad.

Things are much more quiet.

9. 663-654.

I lost 2 votes in the last hour.

One hour to go.

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