Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Straight Poop

I was going to put this up anyway, but it kind of fits in with the For Your Consideration theme. This was a show that I think was on Nick at Nite in 1990. It was two guys reviewing fake TV shows. On the Television, it was called. Didn't last long. It looks like everyone's third-favorite atheist, Julia Sweeney, is in some of those sketches. imdb and Wikipedia don't seem to know about this.

The Red Sox have re-signed Alex Cora for two years, after bidding two peaches and a Kennedy half dollar for the right to talk to him.

Chan and I are watching Ohio State-Michigan. They showed Michigan fan Derek Jeter at the game--watching from field level. He started clapping when they showed him. I wonder if he saw the irony. I also wonder if, for his expertise in cheering the team on by making his palms collide with each other repeatedly, he'll be named MVP of this football game.

This just in: Red Sox piss me off. Your glove will be sorely missed, Alex Gonzalez. (Link from Joy of Sox.)

I would have clawed my eyes out if I had to watch Alex Gonzalez play for the Red Sox for the next 3 years. Good non-move I think.

I hope they're looking at some possible trade options along with Lugo though. I like Lugo a ton, but it couldn't hurt to ask about, for instance, Bill Hall or Maicer Izturis.
I think we'll all claw our eyes out watching the errors made by anybody else. After being spoiled by A-Gon.
Well, personally, errors are pretty low on the list of ways to evaluate defense. Alex Gonzalez had great hands, average, range, and flat out couldn't hit. I'm looking forward to not carrying a pitcher in our lineup this year :)
Okay, well, regardless of errors, the way he was with the glove, all natural-like. Which impressed me so much. We won't get that. (But there'll also be more errors.)
I just want a better player. I'd guess there's probably a 90% chance a better player is there in 2007, so that's good for the team overall.
Every call today on WEEI was "Why didn't they resign Gonzalez! They're screwing up!"

I'd be happy if we told Anaheim that we'd eat the rest of Orlando Cabrera's contract and sent Abe Alvarez over for him.
>>I'd be happy if we told Anaheim that we'd eat the rest of Orlando Cabrera's contract and sent Abe Alvarez over for him.<<

I love that guy.

But since the Sox didn't entertain A-Gon, the best defensive SS they've had in a long f'n while, I am down with the Lugo possibility. He's stick thin, but he can hit ok.
but he can hit ok.

Definitely, especially when compared to his peers at SS. He's also a really underrated defender, with real solid range and hands. His major defensive weakness is his arm, which isn't terribly strong, and is at times erratic. I like Lugo because while he isn't excellent at anything, he's very good at everything, a real strong all around player.
Let's send Wily Mo and a middling prospect to Milwaukee for Billy Hall...the solution that would make Jere, BSM and myself all happy.
The Pac-Men's second show was at a place called Billy Willy's.

I can see Lugo hitting a lot of doubles at Fenway.
It's weird, I think MIL wants to play Hall in LF, because they have Hardy at SS. I think it would take WMP AND a real good pitching prospect, but yea, Hall would be phenomenal, and not just because he's a great hitting SS, but because he can play almost anywhere on the diamond, and he's a young guy. I'd put it at like, a 25% chance they'd be willing to deal him.

Should be interesting
No way we're getting Hall. You really want to give Wily Mo, Lester, and Delcarmen - which is what it probably costs to get Hall?

We should be paying money for a SS, not giving up young personnel. Why wouldn't the Sox play Pedroia at SS and then get a Ronny Belliard or Loretta for 2B?
Well now I guess it's BSM's turn to be pissed off, since the Angels just gave Justin Spier a 4 year deal

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