Monday, November 06, 2006


I guess the Yanks are assuming Wang will be their ace next year. In fact, they were calling him "the next ace" this past season. He pitched well for the most part, and really does get those ground balls that are so hyped. (Although when he gives up ground ball hits, Michael Kay acts like they don't count, because they're still ground balls.) But is he the ace of the New York Yankees? If he is, that's good news for us.

Then they've got the possibility of getting Gyro-Mite, who will be an uncertainty. Moose is coming back, and he and Randy together will make great starters...five years ago.

And the final spot is the Jaret Wright/Carl Wrong spot. No worries there.

But I'm sure The Boss will rectify the situation by getting a guy who hits a lot of home runs! Go ahead, George. Please.

But he might not remember, once he does it!
I know you already voted for "Mr. Experience," but, still, check this out:

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