Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Somebody's Confused (It Might Be Us)

Update, 4:51 PM: Definitive proof is in. Joy is in first place. I voted from my co-worker's computer, then reloaded the results on mine, and the first place blog moved up by one vote. However, the lead has shrunk to 78 (348-270)! Get voting, people! Read on to find out what the hell I'm talking about.

First of all, vote here for Joy of Sox in the Eh? Awards. (category 13) Vote once a day! (until Friday)

Now, you may have been following along with the vote tally on your own, or along with some of us here on ARSFIPT. We've gathered that with Joy's post over on the very popular SoSH asking people for votes and his posts on his own blog, which we know is quite popular anyway, plus my prodding over here, Joy is surely in the lead. Currently the vote totals of the top two blogs are: 341-254. (Big run for #2 right now, cutting a 106 vote lead to 87 in the last few hours.) We feel second place belongs to round one's winner, RaptorBlog, in this blind vote. (We're currently in the second and final round.)

However, at 11:38 AM today, the blogger who finished second to RaptorBlog, The Battle of Alberta put up a post which suggests he's still running second, but to RaptorBlog. He could be right about being in second--see the recent push by whoever's in that spot coinciding with his post. But I still say if he is, he's second to Joy Boy. Some people, possibly us, are so naive...

But it would make sense that RaptorBoy dropped to third, since he hasn't posted anything in a week.

Do we start posting here?

Will it change the Voting Mojo?
I thought your other post WAS here, but it's not. So let's go back to the other place. The ongoing "live blog" of the election.

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