Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ricky Report

Commercials are running on HBO for the new season of Extras, which will start in January. 'struhz is a hilarious show. I can't wait. Speaking of Gervais, I just read that he wrote tomorrow night's episode of The (American) Office. Could this be the point where I finally start to watch? We'll see. I may start, and I may grow to love it, but I can promise you this: When I say "The Office," it will always mean the real, or British, one.

If you start watching, you gotta watch from the beginning. There is such subtlety, if you can believe it.
Excellent! I've been waiting forever for more Extras. The first six episodes were good but, yunno, I've already seen everything.

In other news, you should watch the American office. I, much like you, had a lot of trepidation about the US version. If you go in expecting it to be exactly similar you would be dissapointed, but it's like one of those things...where if you expect complete similarity you think it sucks but if you can tolerate some difference is good, and you end up being pleasantly surprised. I am trying to come up with an appropriate analogy here...I know there is one...

The Garath character, for instance I started out disliking, but then I realized they had just translated the blustery geek stereotype into American and I could see how it made sense. The whole show is like that. The same tone and tenor of subtle jokes, but with American characters, who are, as we know, intrinsically less funny.
Jere, I really hope you start watching The (American) Office. It really is a great show and I actually look forward to watching it. Take it at face value and don't compare it to the original... just like it for what it is... because I said so. (J/K to the last part).
Thanks for everyone's advice. I may actually start watching.

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