Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Red Sox Trade Manny Ramirez!"...

is a phrase I DON'T want to hear! In the meantime, please vote for Joy of Sox for Best Canadian Sports blog. He needs your help! Click here to vote, and scroll to category 13. Thank you.

Update: Feel free to join in what's essentially a week-long live-blog of this "election," in the comment section of my original post about the Canadian Blog Awards thingy. 445-401, Joy leads, as of 5:50 PM Thursday.

Jhonny Peralta's dgo says: "Vtoe Nwo!"

Sox sign lefty reliever dude.

Ohiyo gozima. (Bow.)
Your finest hour. And I didn't even know you then.

That's the dgo? I thought it was a white pitbull-y type, but it's more of a Jack Russell-y guy. Vrey ctue.
Weird how a cat person's fniest huor involves a dog!

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