Tuesday, November 14, 2006

NJ Rutgers

Last night, while Chan and I were driving through the city, we heard Steve Sommers on the FAN talk about how suddenly everyone's from Rutgers. (The Rutgers football team, from Piscataway, is suddenly good after a hundred years of crappiness, and had a huge win last Thursday.)

"If you're from Lodi...if you've ever even driven on route 80, you're suddenly claiming Rutgers as your own..."

That Sommers is a funny dude. Anyway, I thought, Okay, that sounds about right, everybody jumping on the bandwagon. Yankee "fans," naturally.

Minutes later, I'm driving to New Haven, wherer I am now, and I drive past Yankee Stadium on the thruway, before turning onto 95. (The Jere way of driving from NY to NH.) Now, if you've ever driven past the Stadium, you know that for years, at least as long as I can remember, they've got one of those trailer park sign boards on the outside. The kind where you can rearrange the plastic letters to make pranking, or what have you. Well, I swear to Ged (-man), the sign last night said "NY YANKEES SALUTES RUTGERS."

Well, la ti freakin' da. I'm sure the Yankees and all their fans have fully followed and roted for the shitty Rutgers Scarlet Knights fotball team--they just happened to have never talked about them, wore any of their T-shirts, or acknowledged their existence in any way until, by pure chance, the exact moment they got good. Yankees, you've again proven to the world who the classiest is.

Rutgers, baby! (say in drunken Yankee fan accent)

(I will say that I did enjoy their win Thursday night, and I am psyched for them because of their underdog status, not because I can say I liked them all along should they go undefeated and become a national powerhouse.)

perhaps it was a nod to the star of THE HITCHER, Rutger Hauer?
I'm sure that's it. Wow, lotta typos in that post, eh?
A great and frightening film.....

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