Sunday, November 05, 2006

New York Marathon Update

The mens' leaders as they went past where I live, about ten minutes ago. (I woke up too late for the women...)

There they go.

There they continue to go.

This dude was right after that initial pack of eight.

My street, closed off! I love closed off streets. Especially mine. I can go out my front door and hang out in the street, and play Wiffle Ball if I want.

During last year's 'thon, Chan and I walked all around. (Click here for the photo gallery.) This year, I slowly rolled out of bed, flipped on the TV, saw that the mens' leaders were headed up my avenue, and walked a few feet over and captured them. And came home. I was wondering why I was hearing a pounding bass sound this morning as I slept. It was because they had huge speakers right at te end of our street. I was standing right in front of them when I got the above shots, actually. So I had blaring music in my ears and the sun in my eyes.

It was cool how as they approached, on TV, they cut to a helicopter shot, and then I heard that helicopter outside my window. That's when I knew to go outside. I almost missed the leaders, too. Turns out I timed it perfectly. I was only outside for, like, five minutes. As I type this, the womens' leader crosses the finish line.


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