Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moore Later

It's way too late to do writing and picture uploading and captioning. Look for that stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, here's where Chan and I randomly went tonight:

Sox to something something something.
Try understanding that article. About Manny, I don't think they're dealing him. They've got Xmas at Fenway coming up. They don't want to say, "Hey, everybody, we're totally trying to win. Say hello to some relief pitcher from the Giants you've never heard of instead of Manny Ramirez. Now buy some tickets!" But anything can happen.

I can't think the Giants have much interest - they have nothing to give up for Manny. Unless they want to flip us Cain and Lincecum as a PTBNL, they've really got nothing.

I think we're using them to up scare the Dodgers into upping their offer.
Jere, that article made TOO much sense. I think the Sox are doing their best to hide their upcoming mid-December failure to sign DMat....I hope that is not the case, but.........
I guess if there is a time to trade Manny, now would be it. I don't support it, but if he goes to the NL and we get a solid (and I mean really F'N solid) starting pitcher for him, I suppose I could be swayed. I haven't read any of the rumors or buzz (intentionally), so I have no idea what's out there. The team really needs a serious shake up.

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