Monday, November 27, 2006

Made Fresh Daily

One of my found holy grails is a tape from my collection that has an entire Sunday afternoon, from 1987, of Channel 11, WPIX on it. Here's a commercial you can't go wrong with. There's no Cookie Puss or Fudgy the Whale in this one. Say hello to Dumpy (Stumpy? Pumpy?) the Pumpkin and Witchy (Wicky?) the Witch.

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Cookie O'Puss (the St. Patrick's Day cake) is my favorite cake name.
I enjoyed hearing Sam Carvel's voice again, at least I think it was Sam. RIP.
Don't you blaspheme in here, don't you blaspheme! (It was Tom Carvel.) Maybe you were thinking of Sam the Butcher?

Yeah, Cookie O'Puss got that shout out on Family Guy, too. I looked at some other Carvel ads on YouTube and saw him talking in his Irish accent.
I still love the crunchy chocolate things in between the chocolate and vanilla layers of cake!

I still say they should make a breakfast cereal out of that stuff. I'd love to eat a bowl of it more than anything in the world.
I think that gelatin might be used in these cakes. I read that somewhere, I think. Sorry.

I used to think that the Father's Day cake was shaped like a big neck tie, but it was actually Fudgie the Whale. "To a Whale of a Dad" was the text on the cake.

I loved those old Carvel commercials.
Gelatin in Carvel cakes? Naahh. I hope not. At least I know there's none in those black things.

I know there was a tie cake somewhere!

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