Friday, November 03, 2006

A Loss Aura Win?

I remember it like it was 1993. Because it was. I had just gone off to college. It was a Saturday afternoon. I was on the phone with my parents back in Connecticut. We must've timed it so they could give me the live update of the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game, as I couldn't get the games in the midwest. I remember my friend Vicky was over there, visiting my parents and watching the game. She was a Yankee fan from The Bronx. Specifically, Riverdale. Why my mom thought it was so funny how she'd call it "Rivadel," I don't know. I mean, it was kinda funny. Not that big a deal, though, I thought.

So my mom is saying to me, "Okay, we're one out away from the win...and it's a fly ball, yes!" And then I heard a commotion. First my parents were clapping and cheering, but then suddenly Vicky was. Like, cheering and laughing that arrogant Yankee fan laugh. I'm sitting there in Nebraska, highly confused. Apparently, what happened was, well... I looked up the game on the internet, and found an account of it on

Saturday, September 18th
IN THE NEWS: The Yankees defeat the Red Sox, 4-3, because of a fan who runs out on the field. With NY trailing, 3-1, with two outs and a man on 1st in the 9th inning, Mike Stanley hits a fly ball to left that apparently ends the game. Umpire Tim Welke, however, had called time when the fan bolted onto the field, giving Stanley a second chance. He singled on the next pitch. That was followed by a hit by Wade Boggs, a walk to Dion James, and a single by Don Mattingly which drove home the tying and winning runs.

I've thought of that game a few times in the last 13 years, wondering if I dreamed it up. But it's true. Another underrated chapter in Yankee cheating history.

There was also a play where a kid reached over the right field wall at Yankee Stadium and gave a Yankee an undeserved game-winning home run. No, not that one. This one was in 1993. I actually taped the Len Berman news report where he interviws the kid (who's called a "hero," and given free shit by Mattingly, who hit the ball). I'll have to post that someday. Ah, those cheating Yanks. What would we do without them? Oh, right, live peacefully for all eternity. You can't win 'em all.

I was at this game. For some reason, we had been able to move down to good seats on the third base line.

We were in maybe the 7th or 8th row from the field. The guy that ran on the field ran down our aisle and zoomed right by me (I was sitting on the aisle).

It was pretty bizarre. If I had stuck out my foot and tripped him, the Sox would have won.
Holy crap, that's amazing!

Congrats on your new house!
That Interlocking Arachnid NY of DFyankees, is NOT really their NY:

It's officially an award symbol of the Medal of Valor from the NYPD;

William Devery, the Original Yankees Owner, was a corrupt NYPD Chief of Department, who expropriated this letter combination for personal profit.
I also read in today's papers that some jackass Yankee fan who ran on the field at Yankee Stadium in September at a Sox game was fined $250 for his actions yesterday. He was so proud he was able to talk to Bernie Williams when he did it, and he said yesterday "it was something I'll tell my grandchildren about someday." Goddamn moron should have tossed in jail for a year to teach him a lesson. Then he could tell his future generations about his cellmate named "Bruno".....
Just read it in the Daily News. Thanks. That's unbelievable. $250?? I assume people who do that get paid by their friends first. (Although this guy was "doing shots" right before, so it could've been spur of the moment.) And I'd think you'd have to get a least a grand from your buddies. So this guy could've made money on the deal!

And Steinbrenner should do the right thing and ban the guy from the stadium.
And that IS amazing! Wow, one foot equals one victory. And maybe a lawsuit when the guy broke his face! Congrats also!

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