Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Larry Speaks

"I assure you that the notion that this is a primarily defensive maneuver is preposterous," said Lucchino. "51.1 million is obviously a historical number but we are talking about a national living treasure and an exceptional baseball player."

Lucchino sounded confident that a deal will be reached.

"We know it's been his dream to play in the major leagues and we are proud that he will live out his dream in Boston with the Boston Red Sox," said Lucchino.

Lucchino sounds very Don Corleone in this article. The way he describes the "offer" suggests that Daisuke has to take it, if you know what I mean. Either that or we've offered him a lifetime supply of free coffee or something.

And I wrote earlier, as we all know, that the money divide between what Boras(s) wants and what the Sox SHOULD give is monumental. Oy vey! Same goes for JD Drew, Lugo, WMP playing left (!!) AND the Manny news. I hope this is the bottom of the barrel, with December to look forward to.
JHChrist Jere, sounds dirty (it will sound dirty thirty years from now). Of course Boras is involved as well. Dealin' with Santa, er Satan.

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