Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ken Coleman

The late Ken Coleman is up for a Frick Award yet again. He was the Red Sox announcer I grew up with. You can vote once each day for three announcers at or any other mlb site. Please consider throwing in a vote for ol' Ken.

And Bob Montgomery!


Ken Coleman got my #1 vote, today, as he eased me through listening in 1987, so I wouldn't have to listen to the Latest Mets Drug Rehab report of that time:

My #2 is a Surprise, as he's mocked in web pages, but was One Hell Of A Play By Play Man, long before his legendary use of Grecian Formula, followed by Red Dye #2;

No, He's NOT Joe Buck!
My favorite Sox duo of ALL TIME were...Ken Coleman AND Ned "oh mercy!" Martin. Wow...the memories come flooding back.

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