Thursday, November 23, 2006

Initials: A.C., D.C. ...

Kara and Amy, this one's for you. "Initials" was played today as part of the Thanksgiving festivities. Best two out of three. Team A was captained by yours truly, and featured my girlfriend, my mom, Joan and Jimmy (pictured, with AC/DC's Brian Johnson), Stephanie, and her beau Moe. Team B was controlled by my dad, and featured my sister, Sue, Baby Nancy, Aunt Nancy, Daniel, Ryan, and Jessie. After we split the first two games, game three was a tie, so we kept playing tie-breaking rounds, which kept resulting in more ties. Our team finally won it, when we both played even except for "LM," which they put some Patriots running back that none of our team had heard of, and we put Larry McMurtry. That was the clincher.

That's it, everybody, hope you had a good Thanksg--

Okay. You weren't gonna let me go without an explanation of that picture, were you? My cousin Joan-y Baloney and her hubby are friends with Brian Johnson. How cool is that? I could just hear them tell me that all night. Them: "We're friends with Brian Johnson and we hang out with him." Me: "Cool!" [they leave room] [they reenter room] Them: "We're friends with Brian Johnson and we hang out with him." Me: "Cool!" And so on. And so on.

Sweet! The funny thing is I almost guessed Brian Johnson for the "eyes" quiz but couldn't remember his name and had to ask Amy. Then I decided that if remembering his name was a problem then it doesn't quite fit into your hint about it being someone everyone has heard of.

Anyway, Joan and Jimmy are obviously SO cool! (Fact: I am the only family member that has never met Jimmy.) Also, I am totally jealous that you had a great Initials game. Wish I was there! That was definitely a great call on the LM. We should patent it into a real game and sell it. Kind of like Dictionary and Balderdash. Do you guys still play Dictionary too?

That means we are only 2 degrees away from Brian Johnson.
More degrees of AC/DC: There was a couple at Mel and Damon's wedding who are family friends of Angus Young. Mel and Damon then went to their wedding (I think in FL) and saw him there. Cool.

I brought Howie to his first concert (AC/DC) before he was born. Am I a cool mom, or what?

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Remember "umiat"?
Brian Johnson, or any member of AC/DC, would be considered "someone everyone's heard of." But none of them are the right answer on the eyes quiz. TJ, Kara, on not meeting Jimmy, heh heh. After talking to him so much yesterday, he was in my dream last night, showing me how to cook using this weird method of holding a fork and knife as if they were hands of a clock.

Yeah, those Balderdash people obviously bugged Nana's house and stole our idea.

Amy, that's really funny. J & J were talking about how when hanging out backstage with Johnson, they realized that each member of the band has its own backstage party area. So the best friends of Angus and the best friends of Brian could literally never learn of the others' existence. Good job on taking Howie to AC/DC pre-birth.

Umiat: the boy with one lip?
From Joan(!):

"What`s REALLY cool @ me is my LM-Larry McMurtry contribution ! no doubt!! But Jere ..the endless questions..what`s his favorite food!!!Jockeys,boxers or.....! Man! It was great seeing you! Love to all cousins! Joan"
Ha! That's funny! I wonder what Brian Johnson wears... boxer's or briefs? I am guessing briefs... he looks like more of a tighty-whitey guy to me with his slightly fitted jeans. I would think boxers wouldn't give enough support for running around on stage.
Love to Joan!

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