Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I What Now?

Can you believe MLB made this? And sells it for actual American currency? Or that any Yankee fan would buy it? Dunbar himself coming up with Yankees Universe was pathetic enough, but come on. This would be like if the Red Sox announced their new slogan next year as "Mystique and Aura."

I should point out that there's a Red Sox version of this shirt, and it's just as stupid. And I'm talking about the "attitude" part. I wouldn't want to tell someone what their wishes are. Actually, this way of thinking printed on a shirt would be perfect for a lot of Yankee fans. You know, with the wacky twist of having the shirt use a decidely Red Sox phrase.

They also make a White Sox Nation, Cardinals Nation, and Tigers Nation version. Terrible job all around.

This shirt doesn't even make sense. How is it obvious? It's obvious that this is a lame t-shirt.
And actually licensed by MLB. I discovered this when I got the physical version of the 2006 MLB Holiday Catalog in the mail yesterday. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a model standing there with an "It's Obvious, You Wish You Were a Part of WHITE Sox Nation." SO I checked what other teams were available, and NYY was listed. SO I checked the online shop and there it was. At least the Mets version says "You Wish You Were Amazin.'"
The Yankees are like Micro$oft:

They copy everything & CRASHED again.

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