Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Cost 99 Cents (Divided By Four)

Every once in a while, I'll search my old band name on eBay. It almost never comes upwith anything, besides someone selling a comp we were on or something. I checked today, and someone's selling our 7-inch! Only a buck, but hey, someone has bid on it.

Click here to see Jere for sale. (I'm second from left with mostly shaven head in picture.)

If if still had a turntable, I'd bid on this to get the Sonic Jere Experience.
Up to $2.25!!!
It seems to be back down to 99 cents. And I reloaded. Could someone have un-bid? Terrible Job. It's #317 of 500. I wish the person had shown the picture of the back. Not only are we facing forward, but I could figure out which of us hand-numbered # 317.
Literally at the moment of posting that, Jason, Dave Letterman introduced the Decemberists.
Someone indeed retracted a bid. They entered 42 bucks by mistake.

And soon this auction will end, and the link above will go nowhere.
Damn! What did they play?!? And also, sorry for the false-alarm on the record.
Not your fault. It was a real alarm until they falsified it.

I don't know what they played. It was a song, and many people participated in the playing of it.

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